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Here I am sitting on a red rock after a strenuous hike in Zion National Park taking in the breathtaking scenery and pondering life.-Little Miss New Yorker in blazing hot Utah – who would have thunk it?
Did I envision I would still be maneuvering dating in my thirties and taking a solo trip here and there? Hell No! But decidedly there is something empowering about not waiting to be a couple to see the world. Life goes by too quickly with too much uncertainty for that.  So as I continue to hike the steep rocks of Angel’s Landing, I do as I do well in the dating world; by Getting smarter and realizing quicker which are the right trails for me and my comfort level. No doubt there will be some twists and turns and sharp edges as I navigate my way, but I’m looking forward to that peak because not only is the landing view unforgettable but the path taken makes the hike all worth it.
The Zion shuttle has just picked me up for my next hike. A tall, fit (sweaty) hottie traveling the world solo says hello and engages me in conversation…hmmm…hiking solo maybe not be such a bad thing.


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As Britney’s “Toxic” blasted, beads of perspiration fell off my chest as I grunted…in spin class.  Lost in my own world, climbing the next virtual hill, I wondered how many of us are toxic unto ourselves.  We say we want something (i.e. a great caring relationship) but somehow manage to do the exact opposite to achieve this goal.  Is it because we continuously make bad decisions or because we truly think that the same actions will have a different result?  In two weeks, I’m off to detox in Zion National Park and the OC – can you imagine two more different places when it comes to the ying/yang energy?  I’m hopeful when I reappear I will have achieved balance and rid myself of toxins.