Erika Ettin, online dating coach extraordinaire, dishes out online dating advice on when to give people second chances.

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New Decade: New You New Decade:  New You

Where were you when the Millennium turned?  For most of us, it’s an easy New Year’s to remember. In 2000, I was a 27 year old single, living in New York. My dreams of where I thought I would be, married with children, did not pan out as planned. Instead, I flew back home to be with the close circle of friends with whom I had grown up – those were the people who had become my family. As we toasted in the new, deep inside I knew that things would never be quite the same.

Mix, Mingle and Be Merry at the Dreaded Jew-Do
Mix, Mingle and Be Merry at the Dreaded Jew-Do

Yes, it’s time for the oft-dreaded, secretly anticipated Jew-Do, and depending on the city in which you live it includes the mass coming together of alienated tribesmen and women.  It’s almost as if it’s part of our genetic composition to kvetch about annual gatherings like the Matzo Ball Party or Schmooz-A-Palooza®, but somehow the Jew-Do has become part of our modern cultural heritage. And yes, there may be people you want to avoid running into and others you simply have no interest in getting to know, but these end-of-season celebrations are probably the best way to mix, mingle and find merriness before the New Year.

Something Else for Jews on Christmas Something Else for Jews on Christmas

Forget the turkey, goose or other roasted items gracing the holiday table. We Jews have our own tradition for festive meals on Christmas; Chinese food! The history of Jews eating Chinese food on Christmas comes from the late 1800’s when Chinese restaurants were typically the only places open on Christmas (many Chinese are Buddhist) and welcomed Jews who were looking for an outing on the Christian holiday. The Chinese restaurants also did not discriminate and allowed Jews to patronize their restaurants.

In the Car, I Just Can’t Wait, to Pick You Up on Our Very First Date In the Car, I Just Can’t Wait, to Pick You Up on Our Very First Date

Your excellent profile, photos, and introduction letters have now paid off. You found a girl/guy that has piqued your interest, and you have been emailing back and forth for a while. That led to a couple of phone calls and now the two of you have planned your first date. However, let’s discuss a few things before you go out.

A Year of Cooking for One
A Year of Cooking for One

Here are three recipes from courtesy chef, media personality and food publicist Karine Backhoum, which are perfect for winter. We hope you take the time to try them out!


As the holiday winds down, think you can eat one more fried delectable? I offer you these tasty and simple homemade doughnuts. They puff up light and airy making it all the easier to scarf down more! Don’t worry, there is always next week to get back on the diet!

Bonnie and Mike Bonnie and Mike

just before my membership ended, I met my Mr. Right.

Chanukah Gift Guide for Every Single One Chanukah Gift Guide for Every Single One

From wedding registry re-gifts passed down from the newly married to that ever-so-useful stash of Starbucks certificates, regardless of religious denomination or region, when it comes to gift giving singles might as well be on the receiving end of a bag of fake chocolate gelt. The holidays should be magical for everyone, so in the spirit of fairness, has assembled this Chanukah Gift Guide for singles to pass along to friends and family!

Fun Things to Do with Latkes
Fun Things to Do with Latkes

At your next Chanukah party, why stop at topping the fried crispy beauties with just applesauce or sour cream? Have a latke bar. Place a large platter of latkes out and add bowls of toppings. Let your guests customize their own latkes. Forget the stress and supplement the latke bar with store bought goodies as well. You can add purchased chutney, salsa, caviar, chopped onions, chopped chives and fresh herbs.

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