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“Kosher” Cucina Povera “Kosher” Cucina Povera

In the kosher kitchen, we only have so many ingredients to work with, both at home and professionally. Many ingredients that most chefs take for granted are not part of my daily repertoire due to kosher restrictions. I have a meat and pareve kitchen and cannot just add cream to a soup or sauce to thicken it. I have to work a bit harder and find other ways that fit into the kosher laws. I do not believe in using faux foods for substitutions and I look to natural ingredients that are already kosher and in season. In the spirit of Cucina Povera, I embrace my constraints, accept the materials I have to work with and move on.

The Art of Personal Pics The Art of Personal Pics

He’s cute, smart and successful, but after a year as a JDate.com Subscriber, 38-year-old Darren was getting tired of being rejected by the women he tried to connect with online. He lamented “they just don’t respond to any of my notes and I don’t understand what I am doing wrong,” when he decided to enlist some online dating help from SingleEdition.com.

Erin and Ryan Erin and Ryan

“It may sound crazy or trite, but we really did fall crazy in love with each other.”

The Age Factor: Does it Really Matter? The Age Factor: Does it Really Matter?

Is age really nothing but a number? We asked JDaters in a recent Topic of the Week how they felt about ageism and romance and received a lot of varied opinions, but it appears that the majority think an age gap is okay. Here are some of our favorite responses.

Give Spark A Chance Give Spark A Chance

Question: “Being in my early 40’s, successful, not sure I’m going to have kids and single, I’m finding the qualities I seek in a man have shifted from those I sought in my 20’s and 30’s. I’m meeting some great guys, mostly online. They have their stuff together; they’re successful, maybe have kids and possess a lot of what I look for in a partner (fantastic on paper)…but, there’s no chemistry, no romantic connection and no physical interest.  As much as I try to be open, I know a second date won’t stir that spark. If he asks me out again after that first date, what do I say and how do I be honest without hurting his feelings?”

But Mom, You Promised
But Mom, You Promised

Parenting is no easy task. From a very early age, children demand and seek gifts and concessions from their parents. And particularly in our overly-materialistic society, children want a lot of things. Far too often a parent finds him/herself placating a crying or misbehaving child by promising them a special treat or a toy, or some other reward, if they’ll just behave.

Gad, the Son of Jacob
Gad, the Son of Jacob

The patriarch Jacob loved his wife Rachel, but it was his wife Leah who initially made him a father (since Rachel was unable to conceive for many years). When Rachel presented her handmaiden Bilhah to Jacob as a wife, in order that she might serve as a surrogate mother to Bilhah’s children, Leah felt herself put at a distinct disadvantage. While she had already borne Jacob four sons, she had not conceived recently and worried that her children would become outnumbered.

The Company You Keep
The Company You Keep

Immediately following the morning blessings, there is a short prayer that asks God for protection from “arrogant people and arrogance itself, from a bad person, a bad companion, a bad neigbor, a bad mishap, a destructive adversary, a harsh trial and a harsh opponent…”

The Thirty-Six
The Thirty-Six

How many truly righteous people do you know? People who not only dedicate themselves to living religious lives but who really strive to serve God, and succeed.

Karen and Irving Karen and Irving

“I should have known from the nickname I gave him right away that ‘Nature Man’ was ‘The One.’ “

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