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The Second Temple
The Second Temple

When the Babylonians exiled the Jews and destroyed the First Temple, Jeremiah the Prophet promised that the exile would only last 70 years. The return of the Jews, however, was not a miraculous, overnight occurrence, but proceeded more like a slow…

10 Tips on How to Get a Second Date 10 Tips on How to Get a Second Date

Many of you have emailed me asking why you haven’t been getting second dates. Several guys claim that the women on JDate are serial daters while others have claimed that most women aren’t interested in relationships. Before we address reasons why both of those claims are unfounded, why don’t we look at ten reasons why women might not choose to see you again after a first date…

Sara and Steve Sara and Steve

“People constantly ask us how we found each other. After telling them we met on JDate, my best friend, her aunt, and about 40 other people have signed up, hoping to find their Sara.”

Hester Panim
Hester Panim

One might think that the Book of Esther is a heroic tale about Mordechai and Esther saving the Jewish people through diplomatic skill. Looking deeper, however, one is struck by the overwhelming number of “coincidences” of the right people being at the …

What’s With The Salt
What’s With The Salt

At every Shabbat meal, the blessing of Ha’mo’tzee (the blessing over bread) is recited over two complete loaves of bread. This ‘bread’ is usually the braided loaves known as challot, but any type of bread is acceptable as long as it is uncut and…

The Great Valentine’s Day Debate The Great Valentine’s Day Debate

The great Valentine’s Day debate started brewing over dinner the other night. The question at issue:  Should you or should you not celebrate the holiday with someone with whom you’ve shared three dates or less and, if so, what is appropriate?

JDate’s Rabbi of the Month – Rabbi Tamara Miller of The Center for Integrative Medicine, Washington, D.C. JDate’s Rabbi of the Month – Rabbi Tamara Miller of The Center for Integrative Medicine, Washington, D.C.

“I recommend JDate to all my single clients who want to find someone to connect with and, maybe, eventually marry. Joining JDate is a way of telling the universe that you are ready for love in all the right places with all the right people.”

– Rabbi Tamara Miller

Tali and Matthew Tali and Matthew

“They say that when G-d creates your soul, He splits it in half. One half goes to you and one half goes to your soul mate. Tali and I are celebrating the re-attachment of two pieces of the soul.”

Salem and Joe Salem and Joe

“Joe was smitten from day one, but Salem was a bit more stubborn.”

Romancing the Bean
Romancing the Bean

Whether you are spending Valentine’s Day alone, with a friend or even if you don’t celebrate at all, it is hard to ignore the red foil cherubs, pink and red hearts, and message heart candy everywhere. I personally look for any excuse to eat chocolate.  Chocolate recipes are fun, easy, do-ahead and delicious. They can also be eaten saved for Purim in just a few weeks time. Enjoy!

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