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Spiritual Compatibility in Relationships Spiritual Compatibility in Relationships

What is the foundation of a spiritual relationship?
A spiritual relationship is built upon the foundation that both partners are going to support each other as they grow.  It is about getting to another level of perception with your partner.  If your values are not aligned, the relationship won’t go very far.  For example, I could meet a physically attractive girl, but if she doesn’t have a spiritual practice, there’s less of a connection and less of a desire to go on a first, second or third date with her. I know it can only go to the surface level so I wont even pursue the next date.

Can You Be The Tenth?
Can You Be The Tenth?

That the Hebrew word “minyan” derives from the infinitive “lim’not,” to count or number, is not at all surprising. A minyan is a quorum of 10, the smallest number necessary to create a formal “congregation.” It is customary to have a minyan for certain life cycle events (such as a brit milah – circumcision).

How to Be Comfortable in Any Social Situation How to Be Comfortable in Any Social Situation

Dating can be quite difficult. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to get comfortable in a dating situation. But, learning how to be at ease wherever you are will allow you to always have fun.  The number one way to feel comfortable in any situation is to always be confident. No matter where you are, people are drawn to confidence. If you walk into a date feeling like a million dollars, your date will be impressed.

What’s in the Book: Kings II (Part 1)
What’s in the Book: Kings II (Part 1)

The Second Book of Kings continues the history of a divided nation: the Kingdom of Israel in the north (10 tribes) and the Kingdom of Judea (Judah and Benjamin) in the south.

Nicole and Michael Nicole and Michael

“We will forever be grateful that our mothers put the fire under us to join JDate. JDate brought the two of us together (and our families) and now we both truly know what it means to be happily ever after!”

The Original Prenuptial Agreement
The Original Prenuptial Agreement

Did you know that it is a custom among some Jewish households to display their “prenuptial” agreements on the wall? It’s called a ketubah (marriage contract), presented by the husband to his spouse. The ketubah attests to his promise to support her–even if he dies or divorces her.

Carli and Oded Carli and Oded

“One month to the day exactly after our second year of dating, Oded proposed. If it were not for JDate, I never would have met Oded.”

The Iraqi Pogrom
The Iraqi Pogrom

Pogroms, the most violent expression of anti-Semitism, are often fueled by the political events of the day. Such was the case of the Farhud, a violent pogrom that took place on June 1-2, 1941, in Baghdad.

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