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In Honor of Doctor’s Day In Honor of Doctor’s Day

If you enjoy television medical dramas, then you probably have certain pre-conceived notions about doctors. After all, we see the doctors on television far more often than we see our own medical practitioners. It is interesting, then, how many television doctors, like the currently popular Dr. House, often appear to have what people call a “God complex.”

Simple Rules to Surviving Single in an Office with Unfair Politics
Simple Rules to Surviving Single in an Office with Unfair Politics

“My job is my life.” Sound familiar? So how do you handle the fact that the workplace is a less friendly place for singles? Take a minute to consider these facts: More than 25% of Americans work for an employer that offers family and domestic partner benefits; 51% percent of Fortune 500 companies offer family and domestic partner health benefits, as do 80% of the Fortune 50. (Human Rights Campaign. “State of the Workplace”: 2006).

A Spiritual Diagnosis
A Spiritual Diagnosis

Common wisdom, and often specific regulations, discourage doctors from diagnosing or healing their own close family members. In such cases, the necessary objectivity is often missing.

(Alleged) Jewish Conspiracies We Have Known (Alleged) Jewish Conspiracies We Have Known

World domination, war-mongering and brainwashing through psychoanalysis; it’s all in a day’s work for Jews, who have long been the subjects of conspiracy theories and vicious rumors. Here are eight of the most persistent and pernicious.

They Called Him “Two-Gun”
They Called Him “Two-Gun”

The nickname “Two-Gun” evokes images of a rough-shaven cowboy in the Wild West. Actually, the nickname belonged to one Morris “Moishe” Cohen.

Lemon Risotto
Lemon Risotto

This decadent version of the Italian classic is a perfect first course or main dish. I like to serve it garnished with big shards of Parmigiano-Reggiano. The tangy lemon and salty cheese combine to create a big “wow” flavor and the mascarpone cheese puts this creamy decadent dish over the top.

How Now, Red Cow
How Now, Red Cow

Every year, on the Shabbat following Purim, a special reading from Numbers 19, is added to the regular Shabbat Torah reading. Known as Parashat Parah, the Torah reading concerns the special purification ceremony of the Parah Adumah (Red Heifer) one of the most intricate and mysterious laws found in the Torah.

Susan and Brett Susan and Brett

“After sharing our background history, including some interesting stories of JDates gone awry, we both realized quickly that this was not just another chance encounter.”

I’m on disability and have no ambition. Will any Jewish woman have me? I’m on disability and have no ambition. Will any Jewish woman have me?

I think the question you should be asking is not whether an intelligent Jewish woman would agree to a date, but whether any intelligent woman would agree to a date. Would you agree to a date with you? If your answer to that is “yes” then, sure, I think there is hope. You just have to find the right person. If your answer is “probably not,” then you might think about what you can do to improve yourself and your life which, by the way, are great questions for any person to ask of themselves.

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