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How to Write the Perfect Profile How to Write the Perfect Profile

If you’re looking for someone who’ll love you, you have to come across as, well, you. You should be the best version of yourself, but you still need to be yourself. The first step is to be concise. People looking through hundreds of profiles don’t read novels. They skim. Rather than giving them the option of picking out the best parts of your profile, do it for them. Omit things like “I hope I meet someone great” – who is on JDate to meet someone terrible?

The Final Analysis
The Final Analysis

After the soul departs, it journeys to the gates of heaven where it must present its case for entry. The Talmud (Shabbat 31a) states, “When an individual is brought before the Heavenly court for judgment, the person is asked:

1. Did you conduct your [business] affairs honestly (literally – with faithfulness or trustworthiness)?

The Jews Who Schmooze The Jews Who Schmooze

You might do it in a dimly lit bar, or in the harsh fluorescent light of your office’s break room. It happens in coffee shops and cafes, over turkey at Thanksgiving and lox and bagels at Yom Kippur break fast. Wherever it occurs, schmoozing, or the art of small talk, has embedded itself into the American Jewish way of life.

In Thanks For Your Work
In Thanks For Your Work

As history moves from the age of the Industrial Revolution into the age of technology, the western world has become a service based society. Yet as much as we depend upon the services we receive (someone delivering our groceries, laundering our clothes, preparing our coffee, etc.), the modern age has created a society of individuals, many of whom feel entitled to the services they receive.

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