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Four Steps of Repentance Four Steps of Repentance

In order to fully understand Yom Kippur, it is important to look deeper at the Jewish concept of teshuva, “repentance.”

Lori and Ken: “…we found each other on JDate.” Lori and Ken: “…we found each other on JDate.”

Finally, we were both single at the same time, but we found each other on JDate before our friends got to introduce us.  Like other JDate Success Stories, we should have been able to meet without JDate, but needed to make the connection in our own way. 

From Holy God to Holy King
From Holy God to Holy King

On Rosh Hashana, God judges the world (and all the people therein), but their fates are not sealed until 10 days later, on Yom Kippur. It is during these ten days during that we must present a compelling case of our worthiness to the heavenly court.

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