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5. The Root Of All Evil
5. The Root Of All Evil

Once, when walking out of the library at the university where I was attending graduate school, I saw a teenaged boy walk up behind an unsuspecting man and punch him in the head. As the man turned around, startled, the boy ran away. This is what is meant by not fully considering (allowing for) the existence of another human being. This is the root of all evil.  In similar fashion, walking by when someone stumbles is also the root of all evil – though perhaps to a slightly lesser degree (omission versus commission).

The Power Of Texting: Why Texting Is Absolutely CRITICAL To Success In December! The Power Of Texting: Why Texting Is Absolutely CRITICAL To Success In December!

Let’s suppose we meet a girl online a few days before December 20th or even during that week.  You may have had a great Instant Messaging conversation online, or had some very successful emails. However, between the holidays, New Years, and all the other obligations December brings, by the time you are both ready to meet, it could be upwards of two to three weeks!

And what happens when you wait that long to meet? Comfort levels begin to slip between and you start to feel like strangers again.

Dating: The Ultimate Adventure in Job Training Dating: The Ultimate Adventure in Job Training

Believe it or not, the life of the single Jewish person isn’t all nerve-wracking pain, disappointment, frustration, stress and heartache.  Okay, perhaps I’m being overly optimistic.  But there are a couple of positive things to be said about being single. No, really! For example, the world is filled with fascinating occupations and I’ve gained invaluable experience in most of them simply through dating. As a result, my resume is now thirty-four pages long. But I use a smaller font, so it seems more like seventeen.

Giving Gifts
Giving Gifts

The desire for scholarly children was actually one of the motivations for the custom of giving Chanukah gelt (money). In modern times, money has been replaced by Chanukah presents. What is the connection between Chanukah lights, intelligent children and gelt?

Light and Crispy Churros
Light and Crispy Churros

I love latkes and am head over heels over sufganiyot. But, these Spanish fritters are a tasty alternative during Chanukah. Made from the classic Pate a Choux paste, these airy and delicate pastries are a snap to whip up. The dough is easy and can be made a couple of hours ahead of using.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words… A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words…

A picture’s worth a thousand words… but 10 pictures are a waste of time.  Now that Facebook® has taken over the world, when it comes to online dating profiles, people often confuse the concept of posting just a few flattering pictures with posting a whole album.  I have no doubt that your pictures from your trip to Greece with you standing on the Acropolis are amazing… just remember, there’s a time and a place for them, and that place is not JDate®. When choosing which photos to put in your online dating profile, use these five rules of thumb:

It’s A Chanukiyah!
It’s A Chanukiyah!

The menorah, the symbol of the holiday of Chanukah, is actually a misnomer! “Menorah” is the name of the great seven-branched candelabra that was built in the wilderness following explicit Divine directions. It was used first in the Tabernacle and later stood in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

The Story of Chanukah
The Story of Chanukah

Around the year 167 B.C.E., the Syrian-Greek rulers of Judea tried to force the Jews to assimilate into Hellenic culture. They summoned the Jews to the town squares where they were forced to worship idols or to sacrifice a pig before the idol.

Latke Toppers Latke Toppers

I love the latke, and who doesn’t? All crispy and crackly with sizzling onions right out of the pan, the latke holds such promise. And then the whole thing goes right out the window for me when topped with jarred, beige, boring applesauce.

Quiz: Is Your Current Mate A Good Match For You? Quiz: Is Your Current Mate A Good Match For You?

Take this quiz to help determine if your current mate or date is your best choice.

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