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Play It Safe: Safety Tips for Online Daters
Play It Safe: Safety Tips for Online Daters

Making your foray into the world of online dating is an exciting process that can seem tough to navigate at first, but gets easier with time. While JDate is an ideal destination for Jewish singles to find other Jewish singles, it’s also a place (just like any other) where we need to be mindful of personal safety.

Still Hot, Why Not? Still Hot, Why Not?

Fifty Shades of Grey has now sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. Debate about the dominant/submissive relationship featured in this trilogy series is de rigueur in book clubs, health clubs, and back tables at Bar Mitzvahs, where women ask, “Do you secretly want to get handcuffed and smacked upside the tush with a leather crop?”

Written For Their Sons
Written For Their Sons

Imagine traveling forward 500 years in time and discovering multitudes of people studying something you had written for your child. Imagine walking into a bookstore and finding multiple editions of that work, many of them with commentaries. In the world of Jewish scholarship, there are two such works that have gained this status.

How Long Should A Person Wait To Date After Their Spouse Dies? How Long Should A Person Wait To Date After Their Spouse Dies?

Dear Matchmaker Rabbi:

My sister recently lost her husband of 45 years and was thinking of starting to talk to men online just two weeks after his death. Prior to that, they were happily married (according to her own account and everyone who knew them). This seems way, way too fast to me. What is your opinion?

― Concerned Sister

Opening England
Opening England

Menashe ben Israel (Manoel Dias Soeiro, 1604 -1657), whose family fled Portugal after the Lisbon auto-de-fe of 1603, was raised in Amsterdam where he received a full Jewish education and was recognized for his great abilities early in his life. (He accepted a rabbinic post before he was 20.) In addition to his rabbinic duties, Menashe ben Israel established the first Hebrew press in Amsterdam, which served the needs of a community that continued to grow as more conversos  sought to escape the Inquisition.

20. Living In An Upside Down World 20. Living In An Upside Down World

One of the things that makes living a meaningful, transformative life difficult is that we live in an upside-down world. What does this mean? Let me give you an example: I recently watched a true crime show where a woman was found murdered in her home. The woman herself, a loving single mother, was completely blameless. The only clue of any suspicious activity was a neighbor who had seen a strange vehicle parked in an empty field behind the woman’s house the night she was killed.

Out Of The Narrows
Out Of The Narrows

The fourth of the Ten Commandments is the observance of Shabbat. In Exodus, the Jews are commanded: “Remember (zachor) the Sabbath day” because “in six days God created the heavens and the earth and on the seventh day He rested.” In Deuteronomy, on the other hand, Jews are instructed to “Guard (shamor) the Sabbath day” because “you were a slave in Egypt, and God brought you out of there with a strong hand and an outstretched arm.”

Three Great Summer Date Ideas Three Great Summer Date Ideas

Receiving the phone number of someone you met online is always an exciting thing. The prospect of a new date tends to bring a new excitement into our lives as we imagine all the possibilities that may arise. However, with every blessing comes a price. We may be excited about that first date on the horizon, but we also need to think about what to do on that first date!

Sustainable Living
Sustainable Living

In Rio this week, politicians and activists from around the world are meeting at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. The Torah has always been concerned with the environment and with the care of the physical world. And while Jewish society was mostly agrarian at the time, Jewish law also set certain standards to make crowded (urban) living more comfortable and healthy. Take, for instance, the Torah’s regulations on waste.

The 10 Biggest Blocks to Love The 10 Biggest Blocks to Love

It’s easy to feel like there is all the time in the world when it comes to dating. And while no one actually runs out of time to fall in love and get married, you can become circumstantially depressed if you feel you are running out of time. So, please don’t even have another cup of coffee with someone if you know deep down they are wrong for you.

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