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How To Tell If They’re ‘The One’ From Date One How To Tell If They’re ‘The One’ From Date One

Wouldn’t it be great if your dates came with little warning stickers? Well, you’re in luck, because they actually do. You just need to know how to spot little clues that say: “I’m unavailable,” “This is only a romp,” and “I’ll probably spill red wine on your brand new duvet.”

Dating expert Lauren Frances has the details when it comes to determining if your date is “The One” from date one!

The Nice Jewish Boy: Can You Identify? The Nice Jewish Boy: Can You Identify?

After years of denial, a piercing in my left ear and a brief infatuation with 80’s hair bands, I had come to accept my destiny…a curse, if you will, handed down by my father and his father before him. I was a nice Jewish boy.

Natalie and Shai: “We thank JDate every day of our lives…” Natalie and Shai: “We thank JDate every day of our lives…”

I (Natalie) had about 11 days left for my profile to stay up on JDate. I cancelled my account after a year of frustration and lack of success. I was still receiving emails, but ignoring almost all …

Kosher Cinema: March Movie Picks For JDaters® Kosher Cinema: March Movie Picks For JDaters®
Hello again, JDaters®. Clearly some of you checked out the last column since a couple of you wrote in to point out some Jews I missed in films, including Stephen Lang in Avatar, who happens to be half-Jewish. So thanks for that.


If you’re reading this, you’ve managed to survive the fallow month of February and its generally poorly-rated film offerings.  But hark, what light through yonder window breaks? It is March, and along with Spring, it brings you films the studios actually spent a ton of money on.  Does that mean they’ll be good?  Heck no.  But at least it means they’ll be big!

Elyssa and Alan: “I signed up for JDate in the midst of a snowstorm…” Elyssa and Alan: “I signed up for JDate in the midst of a snowstorm…”

While Alan and I overlapped at the same school for 4 years, we never met until JDate.

No Stumbling Blocks, Please
No Stumbling Blocks, Please

The prohibition “Do not put a stumbling block before the blind” (Leviticus 19:14) seems like an odd commandment. After all, who but a truly mischievous, mean-spirited prankster would put something in the way of the blind to cause them to trip and fall? Surely, common human decency requires that one not do this (and it certainly must be forbidden by the Americans with Disabilities Act).

Who Dares To Doubt Joshua Pompey?! Who Dares To Doubt Joshua Pompey?!

A debate is brewing and JMag columnist, Joshua Pompey, is at the center of it! This debate was sparked by a previous article Pompey wrote, stating humor is more important than looks when it comes to meeting women online. However, a few readers strongly disagreed, arguing that beautiful women will always choose looks over humor. Read Pompey’s latest response to those readers and then tell us what you think in regards to the question, “How much do women care about looks?”

Still Hot, Why Not? Still Hot, Why Not?

There are many ways to succeed at love.  One person’s success can be another’s “You’re dating that loser?!?”

It’s safe to say, however, that if A. you never have sex and B. you never date and C. the last time someone touched you sexually, you woke up and realized it was you and D. you resent your happily coupled friends and E. you weep watching Say Yes to the Dress, you are not the Love A-Team.

So, who succeeds at love? Read on to find out!

Hits & Mrs: The Question Of Exclusivity Hits & Mrs: The Question Of Exclusivity

Valentine’s Day can often be “make it or break it” time for a relationship. Those who aren’t invested enough to buy a present will mysteriously go silent at the beginning of February. On the other hand, those who are dating multiple people will try to keep things going a little while longer when the holiday falls during the week by booking one Valentine for Saturday night and one for Tuesday. Eventually though, that moment will come when you both start to ask where the relationship is headed – are we exclusive?

In her latest article, Dear Mrs D shares her tips for bringing up the question of exclusivity.

Speed Loving: Recipe for Disaster Speed Loving: Recipe for Disaster

Psssst… I have a confession to make, and I have to get it off my chest. Not only do I not have the typical male problem of an inability to commit to a romantic relationship; I seem to have the exact opposite syndrome. You see, I commit way too often and too easily. Say I’m on a coffee date that appears to be going well. The woman is attractive, the conversation intelligent, entertaining and flows smoothly. You might think she’s interested in me. I certainly do.

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