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Can JDate Help Me Find My Modern Orthodox Beshert? Can JDate Help Me Find My Modern Orthodox Beshert?

Dear Rachel,

It seems most of my matches on JDate are culturally Jewish, not practicing members. I am Modern Orthodox and am looking for someone with shared values and practices. Can I find a like-minded man on JDate?

A Present is Worth a Thousand Words: What a Gift Says About Your Relationship
A Present is Worth a Thousand Words: What a Gift Says About Your Relationship

The holiday season has finally arrived, and with it comes festive parties, delicious fare and glee-filled gift-giving. Yet, while giving gifts can fill your heart with warmth and joy, it can also bring anxiety as you try to decipher what to give everyone on your list. And it only gets harder when it comes to giving a gift to a new love interest! Check out this gifting-pedia for definitions of what certain gift choices may say about your relationship…

Picking A Profile Pic? Ditch The Extreme Close-up! Picking A Profile Pic? Ditch The Extreme Close-up!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a picture zoomed in too close to your face is worth a thousand missed opportunities. According to researchers at Cal Tech, online daters are actually less likely to want to contact other daters who have a profile picture taken too close to their face (in other words, one of those obviously self-taken portraits where the user poses cutely and snaps a photo courtesy of their smartphone).

Meet Your Cosmic Match
Meet Your Cosmic Match

Hey baby, what’s your sign? Whether you’re confused by your dramatic, but oh-so-dreamy- Pisces Partner, or wondering if your new Libra lover will ever be ready to commit, we can all find the fun in a little starry-eye advice from time to time. Yes, I’m talking about astrological love advice. Check out your love interest’s sun sign below and get a peek into your cosmic connection! But please, don’t take me (or yourself) too seriously! This is simply a pop version of the very complicated science of astrology. Now, on to some starry-eyed shenanigans…

Make Your Emails Work For You Make Your Emails Work For You

Searching through your matches on JDate can make you feel like a kid in a candy store! But, if you want to skip the sugar-rush, then it’s best to pick out just a few matches at a time and focus on making a good first online impression. Even when there is a computer (or a smartphone) between the two of you, first impressions count! Your initial contact could make or break whether you score a date. Ready to get focused? Here are a few suggestions to help you spruce up that first email and improve your chances of getting a reply.

Stop Waiting, Start Dating! 10 Tips to Help You Ignite A Spark Stop Waiting, Start Dating! 10 Tips to Help You Ignite A Spark

Have you ever checked your cell phone on the hour, every hour until that certain someone called or texted? Or worse, are you guilty of checking your inbox every five minutes, waiting for the object of your affection to email you? The lowest moments in our love lives often come when we are sitting around, waiting for someone else to hit us up. Instead of wasting your evening away stalking that hottie online, why not reach out and make something happen? How do you do that? By staying active on JDate! That means sending Flirts, emails and Instant Message requests to anyone who sparks your interest! This might seem scary at first, but remember, everyone else on JDate is looking to meet new people as well. They’ll be thankful you decided to reach out and say hello!

Girls’ Night In
Girls’ Night In

Who says you have to go out to have fun? My girls and I had a blast last week when we all got together for a special “Girls’ Night In.” We planned a fun evening filled with wine, facials and JDating®! Yes, you read that correctly, we scheduled a night just for us girls to get together and help each other with our online dating profiles. If you’re ready for some quality time with your favorite girl posse, then read on to discover a fun online twist to the traditional girls’ night out!

Three Easy Ways To Make Your Profile Shine!
Three Easy Ways To Make Your Profile Shine!

Whether it’s writing that personal essay or choosing your main default photo, every online dater struggles with filling out their profile. You may be asking yourself questions like, “Where do I begin?” or “How do I stand out?” No need to kvetch though, the good news is that both are common questions and both are easily answered! Here are three easy ways to create an online dating profile that packs a positive punch!

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Dates A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Dates

There is no denying it; looks are definitely a factor when it comes to dating. Are they everything? Absolutely not! But they do matter. And by “matter,” I’m not talking about the vanity of only dating people who would rate as a 10 on the Jew-licious meter. Looks matter when it comes to online dating because what someone looks like (i.e., how they dress, how they style their hair, how they pose in a picture) can give you great insight into who they are as a person. And that little nugget of information right there is a huge reason why you need a profile picture. So, here are three tips to help you see the big picture when it comes to picking your profile picture!

How To Write The Perfect Email
How To Write The Perfect Email

So you found someone cute on JDate and now you’re ready to make your move. What’s the best way to get in contact? Through email, of course! The only problem is, you can’t even think of a subject line, let alone what to say in the email itself. If you’ve ever found yourself staring at a blank email, wondering where to begin and what to write, you’re not alone! However, crafting the perfect email is much easier than you think. Simply follow these five easy steps and you’ll be hitting up hotties online in no time.

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