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The Hora-Scopes: Your May Forecast On Life & Love
The Hora-Scopes: Your May Forecast On Life & Love

Astrology 411: What does May have in store for you? One astrological sign should be on the lookout for past lovers. For another sign, love, money and values will all take center stage this month! Read on to find out if those April showers will actually bring May flowers!

How Tikkun Olam Got Its Groove
How Tikkun Olam Got Its Groove

It is hard to escape the ubiquity of the term “tikkun olam” in contemporary American Judaism. Translated as “repairing the world,” it has the power to galvanize people of all ages into action on issues as diverse as gay rights and preventing the release of fossil fuels into the atmosphere. Nearly every synagogue has a committee or teen group dedicated to the practice of tikkun olam, and the term, now practically synonymous with “social action,” has crept into mainstream intelligentsia parlance.

Cinco de Mayo Delights For Your Next Date
Cinco de Mayo Delights For Your Next Date

As a snack this Shabbat, I am serving guacamole in honor of Cinco de Mayo. I love this creamy, healthy condiment and look for any excuse to shmear it on challah, tortillas and my favorite enchiladas.

Hits & Mrs: How Do You Like Your Eggs? Frozen? Hits & Mrs: How Do You Like Your Eggs? Frozen?

With a large number of female clients in their late 30s and early 40s, I’m constantly faced with the question, “when should I start to think about freezing my eggs?” Modern women are focused on their careers and busy enjoying life when they suddenly look up and realize that their biological clock is running out of batteries. If you haven’t found Mr. Right by age 35, does that automatically mean you should throw in the towel?

17. Is The World Broken? (Part 2)
17. Is The World Broken? (Part 2)

Calamities happen – large and small. People die. You miss the bus. It rains. Wars begin. Children starve. You forget your lip balm. Are these things proof that the world is falling apart? While it may seem wrong to put all of these things in the same category, they are all ways in which the world fails to conform to our desires and our plans. It may seem funny to state it this way, but really what we are saying is, “The world is good when it is doing the things that I think it should and that make me happy – and when it doesn’t, that is proof that the world is falling apart.” Stating it in this way allows us to see how limited our thinking really is. In order to have a world that makes everyone on the planet happy, we would have to have seven billion different worlds, each world tailored to the preferences of each individual human being. Obviously, in our present world, that is not the way that it goes.

Kosher Cinema: May Movie Picks For JDaters® Kosher Cinema: May Movie Picks For JDaters®

As April and its wacky weather leaves us behind, I hope you JDaters® are ready for the blockbuster season to start rolling in. The next month offers a torrent of superheroes, science fiction, and Sacha Baron Cohen, which can only mean one thing: summer is coming!

I hinted you might get another daring Chosen Feature this month, and I won’t disappoint.

5 Tips For Meeting Your Match
5 Tips For Meeting Your Match

At a book club discussion for my novel, The First Husband, a reader joked about how she kept frequenting the hotel bar where the book’s heroine, Annie Adams, met her husband, Griffin. “I’ve gone a hundred times!” she said. “Where’s my Griffin?” Everybody laughed, but her question is one I receive often from readers: How do I find my soul mate?

With thousands of profiles to choose from, how do you make the right choice? I asked friends and readers who’ve found happy relationships online for their best advice on meeting Mr. or Ms. Right:

Hits & Mrs: Beyond Dinner & A Movie Hits & Mrs: Beyond Dinner & A Movie

The impression that you make on your date doesn’t just begin when you say hello. It actually begins when you suggest where to go. Those of you who follow my column regularly know that I only recommend having drinks (coffee, tea, martinis or wine) on your first date since it’s essentially more of an audition than a date. However, for a subsequent outing, you have the opportunity to really make an impression.

Here are six fresh date ideas that will not only allow you to get to know one another better, but will also impress your date with your cleverness.

Still Hot, Why Not? Still Hot, Why Not?

You’ve seen the billboards, bumper stickers, and jockey shorts. What would Jesus do? This question helps millions of Americans decide what is right. However, I’m Jewish and besides, I don’t know the guy. Instead, I ask: What would Paula do?

Paula is a girlfriend. Paula is my age (although ten years younger), not skinny, and she is a BUP – Big Unedited Personality. Like my mother, only without the constant shoving of lox down my throat. Paula is independently wealthy, mainly because she had the vision to hire a savvy divorce lawyer when her husband started seeing a tweeny-bopper.

Get Noticed: Make Your Online Profile Stand Out Get Noticed: Make Your Online Profile Stand Out

When you peruse the online dating sites, many of the profiles say some variation of the exact same thing. Often, we don’t learn anything about the person we hope to date! The key to online dating is to differentiate yourself, lest you fall into “Generic Profile Land.” Some common phrases to avoid include…

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