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The Hora-Scopes: Your October Forecast On Life & Love
The Hora-Scopes: Your October Forecast On Life & Love

Get your monthly astrological update, find out about your sun sign, or just learn more about what the planets have in store for you this month!

Tailgating The Kosher Way Tailgating The Kosher Way

Tailgating with friends or hosting a game day party at home doesn’t need to be stressful. I’ve compiled a great list of all my favorite game-day recipes. And don’t worry about tweaking them to fit them to your Jewish lifestyle — they’re all kosher!

3 Critical Online Dating Mistakes 3 Critical Online Dating Mistakes

Online dating has its own set of rules! However, if you’re looking to take your online love offline, don’t make these three critical mistakes.

Hits & Mrs: Atoning For Your Dating Sins
Hits & Mrs: Atoning For Your Dating Sins

If your profile includes the words “never,” “don’t,” “hate,” or “can’t,” you might be carrying around some dating baggage that could be keeping you from meeting Mr. or Ms. Right. Usually these feelings are subconscious; they have become unintentionally woven into your dating identity. Not noticing this, you simply qualify them as your personality, or part of the long list of preferences you seek in a mate. You mindlessly post these words on your profile hoping the ideal person will be able to navigate around the things that are going to upset you in advance, before you would ever have to think about pulling the plug on the relationship.

Italian Budino: Perfect for Break Fast
Italian Budino: Perfect for Break Fast


Light as a feather and complexly flavored, Budino is a comforting and luscious Italian pudding. Perfect for Break fast, Budino can be made ahead of time and garnished with shaved chocolate, cocoa nibs, sweetened whipped cream and a sprinkle of sea salt for crunch and palate opening pleasure.

A New Year, New Wines & New You
A New Year, New Wines & New You

There’s no time like the High Holidays to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re going. It’s that time of the year when the less observant of us come out from the woodwork to attend our local place of worship, or at the very least, a Yom Kippur breakfast (did the gum count…?).

It’s also that time when we’re forced (again) to face the question of how Jewish we actually are.  We’ve certainly broken a few rules.

How to Land A Second Date How to Land A Second Date

You’re on your first date and you like this person, or at least you think you do for the moment. Either way, you want to make a good impression so that if you do want a second date (and maybe even a third date), you can get one. Lots of people will tell you that having good dating skills means being relaxed and friendly. Be yourself. Be kind. Be funny. The list goes on and on. No one ever said date-night conversation was easy. But, with some insider advice from a top conversation and relationship expert who is the best-selling author of Fight Less, Love More, you can learn to focus your chit-chat in a way that will have your date seeing you at your very best. Try floating a few of these key phrases and watch them work their magic!

Is It Gauche To Date On Rosh Hashanah?
Is It Gauche To Date On Rosh Hashanah?

As the weather turns from sweltering hot to a little chilly, and with the High Holidays just upon us, it’s time to deal with a question that might arise: Is it gauche to date on Rosh Hashanah?

10 First Date Mistakes 10 First Date Mistakes

There are a lot of attractive, intelligent, classy women out there who’d love to meet the right man. Sadly, they may have already gone out with him, but wouldn’t have given him a second chance because of mistakes he made on the first date.

TV Show Pickup Lines TV Show Pickup Lines

Autumn is on the horizon, and if you’re like me, you’re hotly anticipating the fall premieres of some of your favorite shows. So what do you do when you’re at a friend’s viewing party and you’ve got your eye on a cute, single acquaintance who also happens to love your favorite show as much as you do? You whip out a cheesy pick-up line, of course! And we’ve got a list that’s guaranteed to get you through some of the most popular shows on the fall slate (or get you slapped – it’s all in the delivery).

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