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Daily Lessons In Love Daily Lessons In Love

Behavioral therapy starts with just one step, followed by many repeats. Substitute your unwanted, self-destructive dating or love habits with behaviors that will work for you.

5 Ways To Spot A “Confirmed Bachelor” 5 Ways To Spot A “Confirmed Bachelor”

Most women fear divorce more than anything, but what if divorce isn’t even in the cards because your new beau wouldn’t ever dream of getting married? If you’re like every other marriage-minded woman, you’re tired of being single and you’re looking for love. It’s thrilling to want to jump into a relationship with a new man, but make sure you don’t get stuck with a man who will NEVER put a ring on your finger! Here’s how to spot these pesky time-wasting bachelors, the men who don’t want to give up the single life.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race
Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Some might say I’m an impulsive person. I get an idea, and I act on it. Case in point: Quitting my former job and starting A Little Nudge. (Perhaps that was more of a well-researched impulsion!) Basically, when I want something, I go for it. And yet, I’ve learned that in dating, slow and steady wins the race.

Can I Date A Jewish Woman If I’m Not Properly Jewish? Can I Date A Jewish Woman If I’m Not Properly Jewish?

Dear Matchmaker Rabbi:

I’m thinking of joining JDate, but I’m only partly Jewish in my ancestry. I was sent to a Jewish kindergarten, but had no other Jewish education. Since I’m not 100% Jewish, is it wrong to date Jewish girls, even if I tell them the truth on the first date?

I would have no problem committing to converting (which as I understand is a long process). And I would feel funny dating a non-Jewish girl. What do you think?

― Only Sort of Jewish

Hits & Mrs: Six Rules For Drinking And Dating
Hits & Mrs: Six Rules For Drinking And Dating

Compared to most dating coaches, I have relatively few rules. However, of the rules that I do have in my eBook, there is one that’s key to follow if you have any hope of your first date turning into something long term. The rule? Set a drinking limit BEFORE you head out on a date. It’s easy to feel a connection with someone after a few gin and tonics, but you also have to have a connection in the sobering light of day if you really want a successful relationship.

A Cool Dish For A Hot Summer Date
A Cool Dish For A Hot Summer Date

There is something about the heat of summer that makes our craving for intense flavors seem stronger than ever. The hotter it gets, the more flavor I want. I yearn for cool and refreshing foods, but somehow strong herbs, garlic, assertive vinaigrettes and spices just seem right under the hot summer sun. As summer progresses, basil is on every single menu I write and rosemary works its way in to many of my dishes. No more polite vinaigrettes either. I want a sauce for my salad that screams, “YEOW!” I just can’t seem to get enough.

White Hot Nights
White Hot Nights

Summer has officially arrived and that means longer days, later nights and a lot of icy-cold white wine. Whether you’re out on a first date, planning your future on a fortuitous fifth date, or cozying up with a long-time lover, there is a great big world of white wine out there.

The Hora-Scopes: Your July Forecast on Life & Love The Hora-Scopes: Your July Forecast on Life & Love

Astrology 411: We’ve all got a lot to do before Mercury goes retrograde on July 14th. Big things are in store for one sign, but that ambitious fire sign needs to do a little ‘emotional’ cleaning before anything good can happen. For another sign, it’s time to part with anything (or anyone) they’ve been holding on to for unhealthy reasons because Venus (the planet of love) is giving them a second chance! Read on to discover how Mercury and its retrograde will affect you this month!

The Date Menu
The Date Menu

Navigating the many choices that you make on a date can often be like ordering off your favorite menu. From what to wear to what to say, matchmaker Janis Spindel has the recipe for success!

Are You Talking To Me? Banishing Your Critical Inner Voice Are You Talking To Me? Banishing Your Critical Inner Voice

So you’re out on a date and having a reasonably good time, but suddenly that unwanted third party pops up: it’s that critical inner voice saying—oh, you know, the usual stuff. Suddenly, you’re not having such a good time anymore.  Or maybe the voice comes up after the date, or when you’re considering making one.

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