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Kosher Cinema: February Movie Picks For JDaters® Kosher Cinema: February Movie Picks For JDaters®

We all know that Jews are not exactly hard to find in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean Judaism’s easy to find on the screen. While I’m hardly the most ethnocentric Jew on the block, we all know that it’s fun to play the “did you know so-and-so was Jewish” game. And let’s face it, movies and dating are inextricably linked.

Read on to discover The Chosen Feature — movie ideas you may want to consider renting next time you and your JDate sweetheart decide to spend a night in rather than hitting the town. Plus, see how this month’s new releases rate on the JScale, a way of rating how Jewish a film is, based on how many Jews were involved in creating it, acting it out and bringing it to the screen! So will the JScale tell you if a film’s good? Nope. Just whether it’s Jew-ish.

Vanilla and Rum Roasted Pineapple
Vanilla and Rum Roasted Pineapple

There is nothing more fragrant and sensuous than roasted pineapple. I am sort of iffy about pineapple when sliced in a fruit salad, but when pineapple is bathed and basted in dark rum and vanilla, it becomes a sweet and exotic treat. Roasted pineapple gives off its juices which are thick and perfumed with pineapple essence and a pureed banana. For all the non-bakers out there, this dessert is for you. Simple and requiring minimal kitchen skills, roasted pineapple will make you look like a dessert genius. Save the juices and drizzle on ice cream or pound cake.

Still Hot, Why Not? Still Hot, Why Not?

Columnist Diana Amsterdam muses on the state of affairs (or lack thereof) for women over 50 in our culture today. Amsterdam says women of a certain age are just as beautiful, amorous and confident as ever. Still, they must meet new challenges when it comes to finding love and sex, or just sex, or heck, even just a cuddle. This month, Amsterdam explores the intriguing (yet mostly hypothetical) question: “Is casual sex easier as we get older?”

New Year, New You New Year, New You

Keep it fresh. That sounds like something we’d probably see on a head of lettuce at the supermarket. Or maybe it’s something some rapper would say on his new album. But, when I say, “Keep it fresh,” believe it or not, I’m talking about your JDate profile.

A lot of people recently stated their New Year’s resolution as, “I will find love in 2012.” If you’re one of those people, read on to find out how you can make this the year you find “The One”!

8. Principles for Living a Transformational Life
8. Principles for Living a Transformational Life

When one makes a decision to live transformationally, first and foremost, one is making a statement about the nature of the world and of humanity – a statement of deep conviction. One cannot reveal an essence that one is not firmly convinced is there. It also does not matter what one’s particular religion or belief system is – anyone can choose to live transformationally – there is no contradiction.

Read on to see which principles will lead you to a transformational life.

For the Long-Time Single, Dating Can Become a “Tyranny” of Choice: What Emerging Science Tells Us About Love
For the Long-Time Single, Dating Can Become a “Tyranny” of Choice: What Emerging Science Tells Us About Love

How do you know which of your partner criteria you should hold out for forever? Which are the ones it’s okay to compromise on? The longer you are single, the harder it becomes to figure it out.

It’s A Small World After All
It’s A Small World After All

Jews have been keeping track of relationships for millennia—from the complex family trees in Deuteronomy to genealogical lists in the Books of Chronicles—but in recent decades the social ritual has taken on new life, and a new name: Jewish Geography.

Hits & Mrs: Sticking To Your 2012 Resolution Hits & Mrs: Sticking To Your 2012 Resolution

We’re into week two of the New Year and if you made a New Year’s Resolution, this is about the time when you might be questioning how long you can keep it up.  I know many of my own diet resolutions were compromised when Saturday night rolled around and I thought, “Well, what harm could one little dessert do?”  Turns out… a lot.  It’s not the actual calories of the dessert that are most detrimental but rather the mental toll of putting a crack in your self-empowerment armor. So, what if your resolution was to meet someone new?

I Was a Woman’s Last Online Dating Hope I Was a Woman’s Last Online Dating Hope

Some men distinguish themselves by being great scientists, statesmen, artists.  I was a woman’s last online dating hope.  I did not choose or go after this “honor” – it was bestowed upon me by Kathy, whom I met on JDate.  Kathy informed me that her experiences meeting online dates in person had been so horrible, so traumatic, so soul-draining, that she decided to give the process just one more chance.  She’d decided to meet one more guy before removing herself from online dating for all eternity – and I happened to be the guy; the last guy she was going to meet; her final chance for online romance.

Keep Up With Your Upkeep Keep Up With Your Upkeep

We all remember The Peanuts gang with Charlie Brown and all of his buddies. Well, when it comes to hygiene there are just too many men and even women who resemble Pig-Pen…he walked around with a circle of dust constantly swirling about his person. Eewww!

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