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Ways To Romance Your Valentine…For Any Budget
Ways To Romance Your Valentine…For Any Budget

There are numerous ways to jazz up your Valentine’s Day with wine, and something sparkling or something red are the obvious go-to’s. However, if you’re looking for more than just a wine recommendation, but rather, a wine-themed Valentine’s Day experience to enjoy with your special someone, here are my favorite two ideas that work whether you’re “on a budget” or a “big spender!”

The Hora-Scopes: Your February Forecast on Life & Love The Hora-Scopes: Your February Forecast on Life & Love

Danielle Paige has stars in her eyes, and we think that’s a good thing! Paige is JMag’s in-house astrologer and she has your monthly forecast on life, love and so much more for the month of February!

For one sign in particular, it’s time to shine your light, show everyone how playful you can be, and work on that creative project you’ve been putting off for a while. Another sign (hint: it’s an earth sign) may expect a call from an old flame this month! What’s in store for you? Read The Hora-Scopes and find out!

What IS A Junior Bridesmaid Anyway?
What IS A Junior Bridesmaid Anyway?

Your younger, but not thaaaaat much younger cousin whose hair you used to french braid for dance class every Thursday. The cute girls down the street who considered you their favorite babysitter when they were tiny and you used to gossip with their mom after she’d come home from work. Your fiance’s only niece and the other cute girl in his life who takes him up on every offer for a piggy back ride and tea party. None of these girls are young enough to be the toddling and cute-but-clueless flower girl who walks down the aisle. But they’re also not old enough to be a bridesmaid who can do and afford all of the bridesmaid-y events. So, you have an epiphany and say to yourself, “Self! I know! [Insert Name Here] can be a JUNIOR BRIDESMAID!”

10. Creating Transformation in Practice (Part 1)
10. Creating Transformation in Practice (Part 1)

Someone who lives a transformational life lives according to the idea that humanity is at heart interconnected and unified. We are all a part of one family – or on an even deeper level, different parts of a single organism. As such, we care about one another and feel a sense of responsibility for one another.

Living transformationally means that one is always aware of the status, issues and needs of everyone around you. There is no such thing as being oblivious. When walking down the street, one is aware of who is passing. When sitting in a subway car, one is always aware of who has gotten on. There is a situational awareness that is similar to that of a soldier on duty – although the mission is slightly different. One never drops this level of awareness – it becomes habitual. The universe may not ask anything of us in that moment – but if it should, will you notice? Will you be ready?

How to Spot a Homing Pigeon – Part II How to Spot a Homing Pigeon – Part II

The elusive Homing Pigeon is a man who reeks of wanting to get married and can be spotted from a mile away. The Homing Pigeon is your perfect catch if you’re looking for a serious relationship.  This rare breed can be spotted by looking for the following signs: he has married siblings, is a homeowner, lives in the suburbs, has a satisfying career, is constantly talking about his nieces/nephews and he values exclusivity.

Want to learn more? Read on to determine if he’s just looking to play around, or to put a very expensive ring on your finger!

Certain Habits Doom Relationships: Are You Guilty? Certain Habits Doom Relationships: Are You Guilty?

Love isn’t just about finding someone. It’s about keeping them. If you are only focusing on the finding, and not on the keeping, how can you ever hope to achieve a lasting partnership, which is what you profess to want?

Relationships don’t fail. It’s relationship skills that fail. Skills can be learned. Are you actively studying and learning those skills now? Well, you should be.

Hits & Mrs: Permission To Break The Millionaire Matchmaker’s Cardinal Rule Hits & Mrs: Permission To Break The Millionaire Matchmaker’s Cardinal Rule

Patti Stanger, known to most as “The Millionaire Matchmaker” from Bravo’s hit TV series, has a lot of rules. She’s cited as having 11 basic commandments*, most of which are very reasonable: keep your commitments, don’t talk about your ex, don’t drink too much, etc.

However, her one cardinal rule is no sex before monogamy. And when we’re talking sex, we’re talking all forms of it – I won’t get graphic, you know what I mean. I have my own rules about sex but for me, Patti’s approach (as with most of her advice) starts off in a good place, but takes things to the extreme. Monogamy is a heavy word and while sex can be a heavy thing, putting too much emphasis on it, and whether or not you’re having it, can cause undue stress in a relationship. The rule I give my clients is…

9. Creating Transformation in Practice: Introduction – The Most Important Value
9. Creating Transformation in Practice: Introduction – The Most Important Value

What is the most important value? The value to end all values? What is of supreme worth in this world? If you had to choose one moral or ethical principle or virtue that would guide your life and the lives of others, what would it be? Some might say Charity. Some might say Tolerance. Some might say Love. Some might say Justice. Some might say Mercy. Some might say Truth. The list goes on. Each one valuable, each one worthy. But can they claim the right to be called the Supreme Value?

Kosher Cinema: February Movie Picks For JDaters® Kosher Cinema: February Movie Picks For JDaters®

We all know that Jews are not exactly hard to find in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean Judaism’s easy to find on the screen. While I’m hardly the most ethnocentric Jew on the block, we all know that it’s fun to play the “did you know so-and-so was Jewish” game. And let’s face it, movies and dating are inextricably linked.

Read on to discover The Chosen Feature — movie ideas you may want to consider renting next time you and your JDate sweetheart decide to spend a night in rather than hitting the town. Plus, see how this month’s new releases rate on the JScale, a way of rating how Jewish a film is, based on how many Jews were involved in creating it, acting it out and bringing it to the screen! So will the JScale tell you if a film’s good? Nope. Just whether it’s Jew-ish.

Vanilla and Rum Roasted Pineapple
Vanilla and Rum Roasted Pineapple

There is nothing more fragrant and sensuous than roasted pineapple. I am sort of iffy about pineapple when sliced in a fruit salad, but when pineapple is bathed and basted in dark rum and vanilla, it becomes a sweet and exotic treat. Roasted pineapple gives off its juices which are thick and perfumed with pineapple essence and a pureed banana. For all the non-bakers out there, this dessert is for you. Simple and requiring minimal kitchen skills, roasted pineapple will make you look like a dessert genius. Save the juices and drizzle on ice cream or pound cake.

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