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Planning Your Engagement Photos
Planning Your Engagement Photos

One of the many engagement milestones is a photo shoot, typically with your wedding photographer, that happens at some point before you actually tie the knot. This photo shoot is helpful for both of you: the couple and your hired photographer. You may think you’re comfortable behind a camera, but remember, every photographer has a different style and method, so taking engagement photos gives you and your betrothed a sneak peak into what you can expect from your photographer on the big day. Also, your photographer will learn about how to photograph you. Let’s face it, everyone is different — different angles, features, bodies, comfort levels — and this shoot will also allow your photographer to get a feel for what methods work for capturing you at your best. I know that I would want my photographer to know my good side (right) and if I have extra chins from a weird angle (true) before the big show when the photos truly matter. Plus, whatever, it’s fun.

I’m Witty, Fun, Successful. Are Guys Intimidated By Me? I’m Witty, Fun, Successful. Are Guys Intimidated By Me?

I am everything a man could want: outgoing, witty, warm, caring, fun, educated, athletic, confident, musician, professional, mentally and financially stable. I’ve been on every website, dated lots of men, gone to many single weekends, but I just can’t find the one. I feel it’s because perhaps men feel intimidated by me and my accomplishments; they don’t want to travel to date; they are commitment-phobics; they are not mentally and financially stable. What should I do?

Proud and Prickly with a Soft Heart
Proud and Prickly with a Soft Heart

Muscular. Courageous. Bronzed. The stereotype of the sun-kissed sabra is Ari ben Canaan, as played by actor Paul Newman in the 1960 movie Exodus. The word sabra stems from the name of the prickly pear cactus—tzabar in Hebrew and sabr in Arabic—whose thick thorny skin covers a sweet and succulent soft flesh. An affectionate metaphor, it describes native-born Israelis whose rough and impertinent manners hide their good hearts and sensitive souls.

Marriage: IN or OUT? Marriage: IN or OUT?

Is marriage headed the way of the Dodo bird and the polar bear? Will children read about marriage in history books in 20 years and scoff, “Wait, couples signed on to be together legally FOREVER?!” You might think so if you have seen the latest study by the Pew Research Center in 2011, stating that barely half of U.S. adults are married–the lowest percentage ever.* It turns out that a whopping 44 percent of Millennials and 43 percent of Gen Xers think marriage is becoming obsolete, according to the Pew Research Center.

However, writer/director Michelle Cove isn’t so sure these findings mean the institution of marriage is dying out. After interviewing single women around the country for her documentary, Seeking Happily Ever After, she returns with some intriguing findings on the future of matrimony.

12. Creating Transformation in Practice (Part 3) 12. Creating Transformation in Practice (Part 3)

I was living in DC about a year and a half ago and one warm evening, I took a rather long stroll to the local shopping mall in Columbia Station. I was about three quarters of an hour walk away from my home in Dupont Circle. I buzzed around the big box stores for a couple of hours and then began the long walk home. At that point it was late and dark, but the streets were still busy. The walk home took me through a rather rough neighborhood, near some lower-income housing projects. Bunches of people were congregated on the sidewalk in the warm summer night air.

As I walked down the street, a young boy and his friend passed by me. In an instant I noticed the boy closest to me (who looked about eleven years old at most) had tears running down his face. I stopped in my tracks and stood in front of him, preventing him from walking any further. “What’s wrong?”

How To Tell If They’re ‘The One’ From Date One How To Tell If They’re ‘The One’ From Date One

Wouldn’t it be great if your dates came with little warning stickers? Well, you’re in luck, because they actually do. You just need to know how to spot little clues that say: “I’m unavailable,” “This is only a romp,” and “I’ll probably spill red wine on your brand new duvet.”

Dating expert Lauren Frances has the details when it comes to determining if your date is “The One” from date one!

Kosher Cinema: March Movie Picks For JDaters® Kosher Cinema: March Movie Picks For JDaters®
Hello again, JDaters®. Clearly some of you checked out the last column since a couple of you wrote in to point out some Jews I missed in films, including Stephen Lang in Avatar, who happens to be half-Jewish. So thanks for that.


If you’re reading this, you’ve managed to survive the fallow month of February and its generally poorly-rated film offerings.  But hark, what light through yonder window breaks? It is March, and along with Spring, it brings you films the studios actually spent a ton of money on.  Does that mean they’ll be good?  Heck no.  But at least it means they’ll be big!

Hits & Mrs: The Question Of Exclusivity Hits & Mrs: The Question Of Exclusivity

Valentine’s Day can often be “make it or break it” time for a relationship. Those who aren’t invested enough to buy a present will mysteriously go silent at the beginning of February. On the other hand, those who are dating multiple people will try to keep things going a little while longer when the holiday falls during the week by booking one Valentine for Saturday night and one for Tuesday. Eventually though, that moment will come when you both start to ask where the relationship is headed – are we exclusive?

In her latest article, Dear Mrs D shares her tips for bringing up the question of exclusivity.

Speed Loving: Recipe for Disaster Speed Loving: Recipe for Disaster

Psssst… I have a confession to make, and I have to get it off my chest. Not only do I not have the typical male problem of an inability to commit to a romantic relationship; I seem to have the exact opposite syndrome. You see, I commit way too often and too easily. Say I’m on a coffee date that appears to be going well. The woman is attractive, the conversation intelligent, entertaining and flows smoothly. You might think she’s interested in me. I certainly do.

11. Creating Transformation in Practice (Part 2) 11. Creating Transformation in Practice (Part 2)

There are three pillars, or fundamental ways, that one creates transformation in practice. These three pillars are: 1) Protecting 2) Caring For 3) Empowering.  Read on to discover how these pillars work and how you can use them to live a transformative life!

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