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Myths and Facts of Jewish Dating Myths and Facts of Jewish Dating

As someone who went on somewhere between 10 and 118 dates in my life, depending on what one chooses to count as a “date” versus a “lie to impress you,” I’ve had anywhere between almost-none and way-too-much dating experience. This makes me uniquely qualified to write about the myths of Jewish dating. After all, most of my dating experience was a myth. As for facts, we’ll see.

I’ve Found “The One” But He’s Afraid To Show Me He Cares I’ve Found “The One” But He’s Afraid To Show Me He Cares

I’m in love with “The One.” He is a dream come true, but has been hurt badly by other women and has trust issues. He is afraid to show me he cares, thinking I will hurt his feelings. What should I do? I care for him so much.

Online Dating E-mail Etiquette Online Dating E-mail Etiquette

In almost every aspect of life, we go after the things we want. Not happy in a job? Search for a new one. Some recent weight gain getting you down? Up the ante during your workouts. Why is it then, in dating, we think happiness will just find us? It’s as if we think we have a sign on our foreheads flashing, “Single and ready to mingle!” Unfortunately, that’s just not how it works. In online dating, writing a great profile is only half the battle. To really be successful, you have to be proactive and e-mail people of interest.

14. Creating Transformation in Practice – The Pillar of Empowerment 14. Creating Transformation in Practice  – The Pillar of Empowerment

The third pillar of creating transformation in practice is the pillar of Empowerment. This can be a somewhat confusing concept – what does it mean to empower others? Read on to find out!

Hits & Mrs: The Definition of Insanity Hits & Mrs: The Definition of Insanity

Most people tend to fall into similar patterns when they are looking for a product. You’ve probably heard someone say, “I only buy Mercedes®,” or “I’m a Mac® person.” What are they really saying? They’re saying they have a type and they’re not going to stray!

Dear Mrs D says that could be a problem! If you’re choosing the same type over and over again, and it’s not working out, it’s time to try something new!

Top 10 Romantic Songs
Top 10 Romantic Songs

From I Will Always Love You to Wonderful Tonight, love songs are easy to find, and even easier to listen to! Picking your favorite, however? That’s the tough part! Robert Greenberg, author of How to Listen to Great Music: A Guide to Its History, Culture, and Heart, is sharing his Top 10 Romantic Songs in hopes of helping you pick your favorites, and ultimately, making your next date even sweeter!

I Like Jewish Women! I Like Jewish Women!

JMag contributor Mark Miller loves Jewish women! Of course, that’s no surprise. As Miller points out, there is a unique connection to a shared culture, history, religion and tradition that just fits. And although Miller has certainly dated his share of non-Jewish women, he has plenty of reasons to believe he will ultimately wind up with a Jewish woman. Do you love Jewish women too? Read his column and then share what it is about Jewish women that makes you love them as well!

Do Jewish Women Think Kabbalah is Weird?
Do Jewish Women Think Kabbalah is Weird?

I guess what I have been looking for is someone whom I can spiritually grow with, and who is possibly into Kabbalah, as that is a main passion of mine; it is what brought me into Judaism. However, I have been getting a sense that Kabbalah is considered a Neanderthal belief system. Is this considered a turn off to women in the Jewish community?

Spring Fever
Spring Fever

I love the coming of spring for wine. It’s still cool enough to drink big hearty reds and complex whites. At the same time, you can finally order rosé again, or chill those crisp whites that pair so well with light fare and seafood, i.e., warm-weather delicacies.

Spring is also a time of optimistic transition and transformation. That’s the best place to be in dating terms as well. Here are some of my favorite springtime bottles and when to drink them…

13. Creating Transformation in Practice – The Pillar of Caring 13. Creating Transformation in Practice  – The Pillar of Caring

The second pillar of transformation is the pillar of caring for others. These are simple actions – but they take on a powerful significance when they are performed out of a transformative vision for the world.

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