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Is Mr. Online Worth Your Time? Is Mr. Online Worth Your Time?

Over the years, I‘ve learned some tricks of the trade to save as much time as possible while online dating.  Call me a gold-digger all you want, but when I evaluate profiles, I employ a specific method of attack.  First, I look at the pictures to make sure I can stand looking at him.  Next, I go straight to the line that lists his profession to make sure he could provide for my future two children. Then I read what he has to say in the written paragraphs.

Can a person still converting to Judaism date a Jew? Can a person still converting to Judaism date a Jew?

Dear Matchmaker Rabbi,

I am wondering if I could get some insight in regards to being a convert attempting to be successful with dating Jewish men.

I’m almost 30 and feel like I am running out of resources and options. I have developed a great relationship with the members at the local Temple. I have asked my rabbi and was advised to try the black Jewish community. I did and was unsuccessful, as I have a feeling that the Jewish men I encounter are not so sure about dating me, as I haven’t completed conversion yet.

I also have had Jews consult with their rabbi about dating me as I do impress/scare the men to the point that they have to do so. I also participate in Jewish community events, as well as Jewish dating events, in order to ‘put myself out there’ so to speak.

1. Is it appropriate for a Jewish man/woman to date a convert while the convert is in the process of completing their conversion?
2. What could a convert do in order to show that they are dedicated to Judaism and all that entails, during a date, without having to regurgitate all of the information that the convert has spent years learning?
3. Would it be best if a convert just wait until the conversion process is complete before attempting to date a Jewish male/female?
4. What advice could you give to a convert who is trying their best, yet keeps getting rejected, and frankly, is finding Jewish dating to be a big disappointment, due to the lack of acceptance and constant requirement to prove their “Jewishness”?

— Committed

Ask the Rabbis: Should Jewish children celebrate Halloween? Ask the Rabbis: Should Jewish children celebrate Halloween?

Since the pagan elements of trick-or-treating have effectively been “neutralized,” is it wrong to allow our children to participate? The Torah’s answer is “yes.” Through its prohibition of “foreign” customs, the Torah draws attention to its own uniqueness. Primitive people found themselves in an overwhelming, mysterious and threatening environment in the face of which they felt powerless and vulnerable. They created religious rituals and superstitions as a way of exerting magical influence over the forces of nature that they could not control physically. Man made religions thus reflected the fears, anxieties, hopes and fantasies of their adherents. The Torah is designed to challenge and educate human beings at the highest level of which they are capable—morally, intellectually and emotionally.

Think Unique: Gifts for Bridesmaids
Think Unique: Gifts for Bridesmaids

Ever received something like this?
The day, the dress
The bride, the groom
The joy, the tears
Will all come so soon
Professing true love
To my husband-to-be
With family and friends
All watching me
I hope the sun will
Be shining down,
Keep your fingers …

Autumnal Feast
Autumnal Feast

This satisfying and riotously colored dish will please all of your sukkot and Shabbat guests.  I like to hollow out a pumpkin and roast it for 15 minutes, so that it is not raw, and then present the finished tagine in the beautiful, toasty-orange gourd for a big WOW presentation. I serve the tagine with my Pomegranate Glazed Chicken or braised pot roast.

Forget the Kugel
Forget the Kugel

I have never been a kugel enthusiast. I like the idea of comforting warm noodles baked with savory or sweet fixin’s , but the paradox is that I am not a fan of soft-mushy pasta. I guess it is because, as a chef, I struggle to serve perfect al dente pasta that is toothy and with a little bite left in it.  

Somehow my dislike for soft noodles does not translate to soft bread. I know this is not logical, but I am breaking my Yom Kippur fast with a warm, welcoming bread pudding. Even the name, Bread Pudding, screams COZINESS, and that is what I need after the fast.

October – A Scary Good Time for Online Dating October – A Scary Good Time for Online Dating

But perhaps the best part of October is that it comes with an enormous amount of amazing dating opportunities.   As I always stress throughout my online dating advice, the one goal that we must have with online dating if we wish to find success, especially for us guys out there, is to be interesting and original.  This is the key to separating ourselves from the competition and not appearing to be just another “boring guy” that beautiful women have been approached by millions of times.

Autumn Spice
Autumn Spice

Think of fall flavors: pumpkin pie, Chai lattes, candied yams. There’s a warm and spicy sensuality to this season that sort of takes the edge off of the impending winter.

Cooler weather makes drinking red wine a pleasure again. Here are some hearty reds with a spicy soul, ideal for drinking and discovering in company.

Don’t Be Embarrassed To Meet Online
Don’t Be Embarrassed To Meet Online

Let’s say you were offered a choice – a hundred million dollars to be an exec at Facebook or $5 an hour plus tips to work at a bar. Wouldn’t you happily tell everyone you made your millions online? Me too.

Gift-Giving to Men Gift-Giving to Men

Giving gifts to men can be as confusing as multivariable calculus. In this case, less is more. The ideal gift says, “I care, but I’m not trying to buy your affection.”  The gift-giving formula all depends on how well you know him and how long you’ve been dating.  Unless you’ve been together for at least four months, taking him out for a romantic dinner on his birthday is going overboard.  Here are some guidelines to help hone in on that perfect gift to prevent him from fleeing in the opposite direction

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