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Take the Heat Out of Summer
Take the Heat Out of Summer

Sorbets are one of my favorite treats. I make them all year round but especially in the summer. The farmers market offers inspiration for my flavors. Recently, the stalls were abundant with gorgeous tempting blackberries. Typically eaten out of hand, blackberries are fragrant and complex. Simple to make and a crowd pleaser, sorbets are perfect for summer or anytime.

It’s as Easy as ABC… It’s as Easy as ABC…

As always we start our alphabet of improvement with the A’s: Attitude, Attention, Appreciation, and Affection. These aren’t the tools for refining your looks, but developing your strengths from the inside out. Men are obviously attracted to a woman who exhibits the Attitude of confidence and control. This poise will ultimately warrant positive Attention—and from the right kind of man. Once you’ve got their Attention, it is your job to show off your assets. To keep them coming back for more, it’s going to take a proper amount of Appreciation and Affection. Don’t put up walls, but keep yourself distant enough that you don’t seem desperate.

Why are women in their early 30s not ready to commit? Why are women in their early 30s not ready to commit?

I’ll offer myself as just one example. In my early 20s, I had no interest in tying myself down with a permanent relationship. I was a late bloomer emotionally, and I was just beginning to find myself and what I wanted in life. I also used to joke that I had already been in a miserable 30+ year marriage — my parents’. It took me awhile to mature and acknowledge that just because they had a terrible marriage, that didn’t mean all marriages were terrible.

Jewess Power
Jewess Power

The art world, too, has often used “Jewess” to describe art with Orientalist—and sensual—overtones. According to Daniel Belasco, a curator at The Jewish Museum in New York, some works of art depict “Jewish women who used their wiles and their alluring sexuality.” In 1862, French sculptor Charles-Henri Cordier created a bust called “Jewess from Algiers,” which portrays a striking woman cloaked in Eastern garb; a striped headdress covers her hair, and her shoulders are draped in a voluminous and intricately detailed white cloth.

Why would she want to be with me? Why would she want to be with me?

Finally,  you give a whole range of “reasons” why you think your dates don’t like you, but I can’t tell what they are based on. You say it’s because you don’t have a college degree, but has anyone actually told you that? Then you say it’s because you aren’t their age, but you then admit you have had a date with a 29- and 36-year-old. So, that explanation doesn’t ring true.

Retro-Chic Manhattan
Retro-Chic Manhattan

I buy flats of the gorgeous fruit at my local farmer’s market, pit them with my handy dandy cherry pitter (easily found online and worth the small investment if you love cherries) and then bake them into delicious treats. I also freeze the cherries and can pull out the complexly flavored stash throughout the year and bring back a taste of summer into my baking and savory dishes.

I Heart USA
I Heart USA

I visited Sonoma County for the first time this year. Until then, my idea of a California wine was audacious and obtrusive, like that guy or girl (we all know one) who gets to the party and hijacks the conversation. Never before have I been so happy to be wrong.

It was a fast engagement. Then it ended. How do I move on? It was a fast engagement. Then it ended. How do I move on?

One of the lessons I learned from my (similar) breakup is that a big piece of success in any relationship is timing. In addition to having chemistry, and shared life interests and values, both people also have to be “ready” for the kind of long-term challenge marriage ultimately is about.

My European Odyssey My European Odyssey

My knowledge of America comes from experience, but my knowledge of Europe comes from only research and hearsay. As much as I travel the states, my one trip out of North America was to Israel last summer. That, like this trip, was my wife’s idea. We also went to Mexico last year. If a woman’s JDate profile says she loves to travel, she’s not kidding around.

A Better Grilled Chicken
A Better Grilled Chicken

Whole Roasted Chicken goes with everything. It is the Little Black Dress of the food world!  Juicy, moist and with big flavor. It just doesn’t get any better than that. But, roasting a whole chicken in the summer is kind of a letdown for me. The oven heats up the house, the chicken is delicious but lacking in the summer je ne sais quois. The outdoors beckons in the summer. I want to be outside communing with my garden, my view of the sunset and a glass of wine with my grill.

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