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Holiday Entertaining: Keeping it Solo-Friendly
Holiday Entertaining: Keeping it Solo-Friendly

4.      Choose Foods Wisely: Holiday foods such as gefilte fish and chopped liver or roasted ham and pork are not for all crowds.   Try to anticipate guests’ dietary and food preferences and make sure to have substitutes to satisfy individuals who are vegetarians, kosher, highly allergic or unfamiliar with certain dishes.  And don’t kill yourself cooking everything from scratch! Scour local gourmet food shops for prepared entrées, side dishes or desserts and make sure to put in your orders in advance!

Grilled Nicoise Salad
Grilled Nicoise Salad

I love Passover and the relaxed pace of the holiday. It is a great time to visit with family and friends. It is also a week long food fest. It seems as though all we do is EAT. This light supper salad is easy on the waistline while still very satisfying and delicious.

Is it okay to date a man who is not yet divorced? Is it okay to date a man who is not yet divorced?

A person who has just separated shouldn’t even think about having a date for the first 6 months after the separation. And ideally, he would wait a year. So, I think you were absolutely right to feel leery. Any person who is jumping into the dating field immediately after a separation is either running away from his feelings, or is too insecure or co-dependent to know how to be alone. And either way, that makes him not a good candidate for you.

Friendly New Spirits for All The Single Ladies Friendly New Spirits for All The Single Ladies

Ladies are the new face in the premium spirits landscape. Nuvo Sparkling Liqueur, the pink bubbly and popular nightclub elixir from Paris, just signed on Eva Longoria as a spokesperson while the folks at Diageo, who have whipped up a Godiva® vodka blend to satisfy our chocolate cravings, are running how-to-commercials, transforming female Do it Yourselfers into mixology goddesses. So what are the best brands you need to know about? Here they are in no special order of taste or preference:

If a man says he wants to keep things casual, is it okay to ask for more? If a man says he wants to keep things casual, is it okay to ask for more?

If you really do want to tell him, go for it! Perhaps he will be less likely to be wigged out if you explain to him that you realize he probably doesn’t want more — and that that is okay with you too. Of course, you can only assure him of that if it is actually the case. If you keep seeing each other casually, and it starts to feel like torture to you — then ending your association with him would be the best and kindest thing you could do for yourself

Jaded with JDate?
Jaded with JDate?

I was an experienced Internet dater. But had I pulled my profile every time a date made me desire celibacyforJews.com, I’d never have met the incredible man I’ve been with for several years or had the epic tales I turned into a novel. To reignite the JDate spark when you tire of your own screen name, recall the basic subjects you learned at school:

Memories of Past Passovers Memories of Past Passovers

It would be unfair of me to expect that the Seders my wife and I might throw in the future will involve just my traditions and not hers. So to help me think about which I’d like to keep (and entertain a few readers simultaneously), I wanted to recount the memories that most say Passover to me. I’d bet at least a few of these will remind you of your childhood, and help you determine what you’d like to keep, should you ever JDate your way to your own family.

No Need to Plotz
No Need to Plotz

All extra virgin olive oils are kosher for Passover and year round, even without kosher supervision. How awesome is that? We may give up our breads and cakes for eight days, but we will emerge from the holiday having feasted on foods made with delicious and healthy extra virgin olive oil. You cannot say that about Kosher for Passover oil which tends to be harsh and bitter and not healthy like extra virgin olive oil. How much cooking time and how many ingredients do you need to cover up the taste of bad oil?

The Art of the Champagne Barbecue The Art of the Champagne Barbecue

The Champagne barbecue differs little from the classic. The difference is in the bubbles.  A sparkling introduction in the form of Champagne, Cava, or Prosecco—in place of Bud or Stella –and followed by a slightly more sophisticated menu explicitly paired with wine.

To Kid Or Not To Kid
To Kid Or Not To Kid

You don’t have to defend yourself or keep yourself up at night worrying about pleasing people against what’s best for you on your wedding day. Hopefully, your adult guests will understand and respect your wishes. Some guests may indicate that either the kids come, too, or the whole family doesn’t come at all. Well, that’s unfortunate, but everyone has their priorities. So, this would be one of those cases you agree to disagree and continue to enjoy your bridal experience.

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