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Why does this widower want an older woman? Why does this widower want an older woman?

Who can say if this will be become a romantic love match? The fact you are so far apart geographically makes it unlikely. It’s very hard for any long-term relationship to happen with geography like that, simply because you can’t spend day-to-day time together. BUT there are certainly plenty of people who have united their distant stars with smashing success, so never say never.

Online Dating: A Single Person’s Guide to Marriage Online Dating: A Single Person’s Guide to Marriage

As a professional matchmaker of 21 years, trust me, I’ve seen and heard it all!  The most common complaint that I hear from my clients (men) is that women lie about their weight and age. One of the worst things you can do ladies! Men fall in love through their eyes, and if you show up to a date weighing 20 pounds heavier than your picture…well, I’m sure you know the end result!  If you expect realistic results, then you need to do the same.

Spring Pea Bruschetta
Spring Pea Bruschetta

This sprightly flavored snack, hors d’ oeuvre or light meal is a delicious springtime treat. Fresh peas and Fava beans with mint are sweet.  Paired with ricotta cheese and mint on grilled bread  and you have got yourself a slice of heaven. Easy to make and can be served warm or at room temperature, the Bruschetta is gorgeous and just screams SPRING!

The guy lied. How do I move on? The guy lied. How do I move on?

The only thing that heals hurt and disappointment is time and distance. Spend some quality time with people who love, support and appreciate you, and try not to give this jerk another thought. One way of looking at it is like this: He has hurt you X amount because of what he has done. Every month, day and hour longer you dwell on what he did, you are handing him that much more power. Don’t be hurt — be indignant!

Who holds the rings?
Who holds the rings?

Pockets. It’s all about pockets. You may have cute little ring bearers, but don’t kid yourself that some kid is going to take ownership of the actual (and, ahem, expensive) rings. So who’s another candidate for possessing the rings? Pick a groomsman; most likely one will have pockets. And, hopefully, at least one will not be too hungover from the rehearsal dinner the night before. So, pick a responsible groomsman with pockets!

The guy I’m dating still has a JDate profile. Is that kosher? The guy I’m dating still has a JDate profile. Is that kosher?

Unless you’ve agreed to have an “open” relationship in which you date other people, then he is cheating on you by going online and flirting with others. What are your boundaries? And once you have decided that, have you communicated them clearly?

Strawberry Shortcakes
Strawberry Shortcakes

My favorite spring dessert is simple and classic. I do not want any bells and whistles in my old fashioned shortcakes, just butter and juicy berries. This recipe is only really delicious with butter and real whipped cream. It is simply not the same with margarine and non-dairy whipped topping. The best berries deserve the best ingredients and this recipe delivers. Short on time? No problem. Make the shortcakes ahead of time and freeze them. Allow them to thaw at room temperature before serving.

A Wine for all Reasons
A Wine for all Reasons

Filtering through hundreds of potential mates is daunting, and your chances are only as good as your mind is open. It’s no easy chore to express oneself in the space of a few words and pictures.  In order for the big picture to come into focus you’ll have to widen your glance and make room for possibility.

How to Keep Hope Alive
How to Keep Hope Alive

Staying positive as far as finances, career, love and relationships are concerned is a skill even for the eternal optimist. But it is something you can learn to incorporate into your life by practicing these tips:

Is Dating Only Jews Prejudiced? Is Dating Only Jews Prejudiced?

When Jewish parents want their son to marry the daughter of other Jewish parents, how is that different than an Indian family doing the same? Two white parents upset that their daughter is marrying a black guy? Two Texas parents who have forbid their daughter from marrying anyone from Oklahoma?

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