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After a year of dating, I’m conflicted because he isn’t Jewish. Now what? After a year of dating, I’m conflicted because he isn’t Jewish. Now what?

Dear Matchmaker Rabbi:
I’ve been dating this very gorgeous and dedicated guy I’ll call Joshua for about a year, but he isn’t Jewish. I like him a lot, but I’m not sure if I should continue seeing him since I know I want to marry someone Jewish.

You Say Biscotti You Say Biscotti

Mandelbrodt, or almond bread, is an Ashkenazi confection that is usually twice baked. Similar to Italian Biscotti, Mandelbread are formed into loaves, sliced and baked. To keep the Mandelbread pareve, use dark chocolate for dipping instead of white.

The Science of Attachment
The Science of Attachment

Pretending to be busy just to play hard-to-get, showing you don’t care when you really do (Hillary’s default strategy), or trying to be someone that you’re not — can all backfire. By acting hard-to-get, when in fact what you truly crave is closeness, consistency and stability, you may end up attracting the exact person who is least likely to make you happy – someone avoidant—who doesn’t feel comfortable being close and prefers to keep you at arms length.

Are Wedding Gifts Mandatory? Are Wedding Gifts Mandatory?

Would you ever go to a wedding without bringing a gift? I’d sooner show up to a black-tie affair in a Speedo®. Yet, a few people came to my wedding metaphorically nude – without even bringing a card. And I’m not sure if I have any right to be annoyed.

Finding the Perfect Photographer
Finding the Perfect Photographer

Professional wedding photographers should have an extensive portfolio filled with lots of brides and grooms. If you see the same couple over and over in a portfolio that is a huge tell-tale sign that you might be looking at a new photographer. A photographer’s portfolio should be rich and diverse. They should have a well branded website, living blog and contact information readily available.

My date was hospitalized, then blew me off. What should I do? My date was hospitalized, then blew me off. What should I do?

I recently began dating a woman I’ll call Sue whom I met on JDate. It appeared we have a lot in common. I’m a psychotherapist, and so is she. We are both vegetarians. We both love to hike, etc. We had two dates; the second one extended into hours of talking and sharing stories. It ended with a very passionate kiss and a hug. We tentatively scheduled a third date, but she said she would need to confirm something with her schedule.

Problems with the People You Meet Online?
Problems with the People You Meet Online?

People get busy. Someone is sending you playful pokes one minute, and you find their profile has been deactivated the next time you log on to your account. Circumstances like this happen every day in cyberspace, in great part because the time spent there is muddled by the very things that make the technology such a wonder – anonymity, variety, abundance and immediacy.

Game Day or Winter Comfort Food
Game Day or Winter Comfort Food

Chili is the perfect accompaniment for Sunday game day or a movie night. I turned a dish that could be ordinary into something extraordinary by combining different types of beans, vegetables and peppers for layers of flavor. My family serves it steaming hot, right out of the slow cooker, accompanied by a platter filled with lots of tempting accompaniments.

Messy Mistakes Guys Should Avoid
Messy Mistakes Guys Should Avoid

Gentlemen, did you know that January is Get Organized (GO) Month? If you are waiting for the perfect relationship to come along before you invest in your surroundings, it’s high time you clean up your act. The following cheat sheet will help you transform your pigsty into a Zen bachelor’s den.

Ask the Matchmaker Rabbi – Lovelorn Edition Ask the Matchmaker Rabbi – Lovelorn Edition

Dear Matchmaker Rabbi: When I was volunteering in Israel two summers ago, I met this amazing guy. It was love at first sight. Seriously — I tried not to meet him because I knew I was already in love with him! But we did meet, and there was no escaping it. When the summer ended, I needed to return to the U.S. to finish my degree. I told him I would try to return this past summer, but it didn’t pan out due to financial issues…

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