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Valentine’s Day on a Budget
Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Writing a heart-felt card is an invaluable gift that is sure to impress. Particularly for those individuals who do not excel in the art of writing composition, the fact that you put effort fourth is invaluable. Expressing your feelings is more important than expensive jewelry for many. 85% of all Valentine cards are bought by women. So don’t be another statistic and buy your Valentine a card!

My date filmed his dying mom. Admirable – or creepy? My date filmed his dying mom. Admirable – or creepy?

My gut reaction to the whole thing was that it was just too weird. I know you can’t change what your parents do, but you can choose not to film it! But I did really connect with the guy and one of my girlfriends thinks that I should admire the fact he was so supportive of his mother. Should I go out on another date with him?

Mid-Winter Chills? Mid-Winter Chills?

Snow, sleet and ice, day and night, and the weatherman says there’s no end to this winter in sight! If these frustrating and often brutal cold snaps throughout much of North America are numbing your bones and senses, you ought to consider defrosting your engine. So hang up those mittens and try heading to one of these warm-up winter spots.

Skirt Steak Sliders
Skirt Steak Sliders

Sliders or mini burgers are perfect for football’s biggest game, or anytime you want a flavorful, but not too hefty portion. I love the big juicy flavor of the spicy skirt steak but definitely want to save room for dessert.

The 10 Silliest Valentine’s Day Promotions
The 10 Silliest Valentine’s Day Promotions

Once again, marketers are desperate to feel the love this Valentine’s Day. If you are suffering from the holiday blues, remember that laughter is the best medicine. We scoured the net to give you the silliest, laugh-out-loud promotions. Read ‘em and weep with happy tears…

After a year of dating, I’m conflicted because he isn’t Jewish. Now what? After a year of dating, I’m conflicted because he isn’t Jewish. Now what?

Dear Matchmaker Rabbi:
I’ve been dating this very gorgeous and dedicated guy I’ll call Joshua for about a year, but he isn’t Jewish. I like him a lot, but I’m not sure if I should continue seeing him since I know I want to marry someone Jewish.

You Say Biscotti You Say Biscotti

Mandelbrodt, or almond bread, is an Ashkenazi confection that is usually twice baked. Similar to Italian Biscotti, Mandelbread are formed into loaves, sliced and baked. To keep the Mandelbread pareve, use dark chocolate for dipping instead of white.

The Science of Attachment
The Science of Attachment

Pretending to be busy just to play hard-to-get, showing you don’t care when you really do (Hillary’s default strategy), or trying to be someone that you’re not — can all backfire. By acting hard-to-get, when in fact what you truly crave is closeness, consistency and stability, you may end up attracting the exact person who is least likely to make you happy – someone avoidant—who doesn’t feel comfortable being close and prefers to keep you at arms length.

Are Wedding Gifts Mandatory? Are Wedding Gifts Mandatory?

Would you ever go to a wedding without bringing a gift? I’d sooner show up to a black-tie affair in a Speedo®. Yet, a few people came to my wedding metaphorically nude – without even bringing a card. And I’m not sure if I have any right to be annoyed.

Finding the Perfect Photographer
Finding the Perfect Photographer

Professional wedding photographers should have an extensive portfolio filled with lots of brides and grooms. If you see the same couple over and over in a portfolio that is a huge tell-tale sign that you might be looking at a new photographer. A photographer’s portfolio should be rich and diverse. They should have a well branded website, living blog and contact information readily available.

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