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Good Wines for Good Girls Good Wines for Good Girls

For years we’ve been subjected to syrupy sweet kosher wines, wines so bad that we’d rather not drink at all. We ask ourselves why in 5,771 years they couldn’t figure it out already? Just look at the Europeans! Even the Americans got it together in under a century. And then we glimpse at ourselves in Aunt Silva’s bathroom mirror and ask ourselves the same question. What’s taking so long? Maybe if we’d settled for sweaty Paul as least we wouldn’t be alone.

The 5 Best Ways to Find Happily Ever After Online
The 5 Best Ways to Find Happily Ever After Online

My twenties involved a string of intense, moody, creative love interests, and a whole lot of pitiful drama. By the time I hit my early thirties, I was ready for something new: a kind, decent man whose mood didn’t shift as swiftly as the New England weather. So I shook things up by joining JDate. In spite of my Jewish upbringing, I’d only dated one Jewish guy before so I was pretty far out of my comfort zone. I expected horror stories. After all, online dating seemed like a recipe for disaster with too-high expectations and overly generous photos. But, in truth, it was lovely dating guys who came with a built-in set of Jewish references, whether it was discussing the merits of Jon Stewart’s Jewish jokes or favorite “Jewish soul food” recipes. In less than a year I found my husband on JDate, and we now have a six-year-old J-daughter. There was some luck involved, but I think it was much more about using the strategies below.

Love Lessons for Commitment-Phobes Love Lessons for Commitment-Phobes

After 38 years of being single and feeling like a real-life Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride, I finally settled down and got married.  Thankfully, I met a man who was willing to help me work through my dating demons.  One of the most common reasons for failed relationships stems from commitment phobia.

Seasonal Ambiguity
Seasonal Ambiguity

This is a weird time of year. It is not quite fall and it is not summer either. The sun is at a strange angle and the shadows and lighting make it seem like fall and yet the afternoons are warm. I cannot figure out what I am wearing each day as I stare into the closet lusting after plum and charcoal sweaters while shunning my summertime favorites of turquoise and fuchsia. The only time I am pretty sure what season it is, is when I am at the farmer’s market or grocery store.

How Social Media is Forever Changing the Engagement Process

While integrating social media into your engagement process can turn out great (as it did for Matt), it also poses serious sociological implications.  As the web progresses, society is lagging behind the impact social media and new technology will have on marriage and the overall courtship process.  People will now see a digital footprint of everyone you have ever dated via Facebook pictures before you decide to marry.

Challah: Easy as 1, 2, 3
Challah: Easy as 1, 2, 3

Making homemade challah only seems hard. Everyone’s grandmother made challah and without the aid of fancy bread machines or other equipment. Making challah is really easy and very gratifying. It is also mostly passive, which means you can be doing other things while the dough takes care of itself.

Here’s A Grape Idea!
Here’s A Grape Idea!

It’s a scene out of a movie… or “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” depending how sick your sense of humor is.  During the wedding ceremony, a beautiful bride in a sparkling white gown receives her groom’s Bar Mitzvah Kiddush cup. She looks up at her handsome groom, feels butterflies and blushes over the excitement of the day. Just as she prepares to make contact with the cup, she presses her lips lightly on the surface to make sure that her lipstick stays in tact, and then it happens.

Black-Eyed Peas for Rosh Hashanah Black-Eyed Peas for Rosh Hashanah

Well, I thought I knew just about everything about Jewish food and had seen, heard or tasted it all, but I recently saw a reference for eating black eyed peas or rubiya or lubiya.I had not heard of this symbolic food before. We eat black-eyed peas in the hopes that our merits increase and we are purified. The custom of eating black-eyed peas is Baghdadi. Peas are eaten as a symbol of abundance and fruitfulness.

End of Summer Action Plan
End of Summer Action Plan

We hate to be a buzz-kill, but now is when you need to begin the transition from one season to the next, while taking the time to soak in the last of the warm weather.  But fear not, as the editors at SingleEdition.com, we have put together a checklist of things you should consider as summer (and your tan) begins to fade.

The Lows of the High Holidays The Lows of the High Holidays

As a kid, I always knew where to be for the high holidays. I would be in my seat in synagogue, with an occasional respite for “bathroom” breaks that devolved into 20 minute games of freeze tag. I know, lying to my parents is wrong. But it gave me something for which to repent.

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