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How Social Media is Forever Changing the Engagement Process

While integrating social media into your engagement process can turn out great (as it did for Matt), it also poses serious sociological implications.  As the web progresses, society is lagging behind the impact social media and new technology will have on marriage and the overall courtship process.  People will now see a digital footprint of everyone you have ever dated via Facebook pictures before you decide to marry.

Challah: Easy as 1, 2, 3
Challah: Easy as 1, 2, 3

Making homemade challah only seems hard. Everyone’s grandmother made challah and without the aid of fancy bread machines or other equipment. Making challah is really easy and very gratifying. It is also mostly passive, which means you can be doing other things while the dough takes care of itself.

Here’s A Grape Idea!
Here’s A Grape Idea!

It’s a scene out of a movie… or “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” depending how sick your sense of humor is.  During the wedding ceremony, a beautiful bride in a sparkling white gown receives her groom’s Bar Mitzvah Kiddush cup. She looks up at her handsome groom, feels butterflies and blushes over the excitement of the day. Just as she prepares to make contact with the cup, she presses her lips lightly on the surface to make sure that her lipstick stays in tact, and then it happens.

Black-Eyed Peas for Rosh Hashanah Black-Eyed Peas for Rosh Hashanah

Well, I thought I knew just about everything about Jewish food and had seen, heard or tasted it all, but I recently saw a reference for eating black eyed peas or rubiya or lubiya.I had not heard of this symbolic food before. We eat black-eyed peas in the hopes that our merits increase and we are purified. The custom of eating black-eyed peas is Baghdadi. Peas are eaten as a symbol of abundance and fruitfulness.

End of Summer Action Plan
End of Summer Action Plan

We hate to be a buzz-kill, but now is when you need to begin the transition from one season to the next, while taking the time to soak in the last of the warm weather.  But fear not, as the editors at SingleEdition.com, we have put together a checklist of things you should consider as summer (and your tan) begins to fade.

The Lows of the High Holidays The Lows of the High Holidays

As a kid, I always knew where to be for the high holidays. I would be in my seat in synagogue, with an occasional respite for “bathroom” breaks that devolved into 20 minute games of freeze tag. I know, lying to my parents is wrong. But it gave me something for which to repent.

A Spot at The Single’s Table?
A Spot at The Single’s Table?

Great food, free booze and an evening of dancing – how could anyone ask for a better Saturday night out? From the perfectly manicured flowers right down to the martini bar, nothing can change your mind, not even the endless supply of little cocktail wieners wrapped in flakes of crispy dough awaiting your arrival. It’s a party most people prefer not to miss, but you are dreading it.

Besties, BFFs and Combos
Besties, BFFs and Combos

Recently, there was a bit of a scuffle regarding our President and a corned beef sandwich with, dare I say it- mayo! The classic Jewish amalgamation of corned beef and mustard on Rye was violated in a most sacrilegious way, oy vey! Don’t you know, Mr. President, that when someone orders a corned beef sandwich with mayonnaise, somewhere a Jew dies?

Maximize Your Exposure Maximize Your Exposure

Finding your ideal mate can be like finding your next job. It takes a lot of time and effort, and the lazy people don’t get what they want. You need to be thinking about it every day and do things on a daily basis that will allow you to meet more single people than you are now.

Pre-Date Snack Ideas Pre-Date Snack Ideas

An apple wedge or celery stick topped with peanut butter may sound like a sensible snack but if eating it takes you back to the 1980’s it’s no wonder. The dieticians and nutritionists who we rely on for healthy eating advice and food recommendations aren’t chefs, which is why there has been little creativity in the healthy snack department in decades.

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