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Bouncing Back After a Breakup
Bouncing Back After a Breakup

Breaking up appears to be the thing to do in February.  Up until now, I was under the impression that January was the most popular time of year to get booted, but judging by the number of written queries and calls I have received from hearts heavy and broken in the last couple of weeks, lovelorn singles seem to be trending this month.

Start Living and Stop Playing the Waiting Game Start Living and Stop Playing the Waiting Game

So why do so many singles hibernate instead of motivate? Personally, I believe it boils down to fear. Too many of us are afraid to try new things on our own, break out of our comfort zones, be disappointed, rejected or looked down upon…

Throw a Purim Party that Kicks Tuchis!
Throw a Purim Party that Kicks Tuchis!

I like hamantashen and certainly have eaten my fill of the tender, cakey treats. Don’t get me wrong. They are delicious and fun to make. But, they are safe and not at all sexy…

10 Tips on How to Get a Second Date 10 Tips on How to Get a Second Date

Many of you have emailed me asking why you haven’t been getting second dates. Several guys claim that the women on JDate are serial daters while others have claimed that most women aren’t interested in relationships. Before we address reasons why both of those claims are unfounded, why don’t we look at ten reasons why women might not choose to see you again after a first date…

The Great Valentine’s Day Debate The Great Valentine’s Day Debate

The great Valentine’s Day debate started brewing over dinner the other night. The question at issue:  Should you or should you not celebrate the holiday with someone with whom you’ve shared three dates or less and, if so, what is appropriate?

Romancing the Bean
Romancing the Bean

Whether you are spending Valentine’s Day alone, with a friend or even if you don’t celebrate at all, it is hard to ignore the red foil cherubs, pink and red hearts, and message heart candy everywhere. I personally look for any excuse to eat chocolate.  Chocolate recipes are fun, easy, do-ahead and delicious. They can also be eaten saved for Purim in just a few weeks time. Enjoy!

Game Day Game Day

It’s only days before the big game and I am not sure who to root for nor what I am serving. For me the decision of which team or town I like best is not the only issue. I have to decide if I want dairy or meat. Hot wings or gooey cheese? So many decisions and so much delicious food!

The (S)Ex Factor The (S)Ex Factor

Even though I still love him, I am starting to feel like he is using me for physical reasons and I am mad that I keep giving in to him. The fact that he is still calling and trying to connect is preventing me from moving on…

Q&A with Sherri Q&A with Sherri

Dear JMag® Readers,

Last week I received an overwhelming number of dating questions from members of the community and this week I decided to share one with you. While I simply cannot answer them all, I do try to answer each query personally and I hope the emails keep coming.

7 Dating Tips to Get Lucky in Love by Valentine’s Day 7 Dating Tips to Get Lucky in Love by Valentine’s Day

Oh, the anticipation and pressure of February. It’s both the most romantic month of the year and the shortest month on the calendar. It can be a very exciting time for those in new relationships who are feeling lucky in love. But for those of us who are single, we may have started feeling the anxiety about the big Hallmark day back in January.

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