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Finding Jews in Rural America Finding Jews in Rural America

I try to use the stage to spread love for the Jews, both with positive Jewish humor, and by simply being a Jewish guy the crowd likes. I am often the first Jew a lot of people meet, which is a ridiculous responsibility. To counteract prevalent stereotypes, I have to make sure to tip well, avoid klezmer music, and never eat the blood of Christian babies. Or bacon.

Not Just a Pretty Face Not Just a Pretty Face

Just when you thought you knew what to eat and what all the super foods were, another one appears on the list. Looks like Hibiscus is the new pomegranate.

6 Cool Ways to Escape (and Survive) the Hot Weather
6 Cool Ways to Escape (and Survive) the Hot Weather

 It’s official – we have entered into the second half of Summer and the heat is still on. With triple-digit temperatures within reach each day, it seems like the only options for staying cool are to stay indoors in front of the air conditioner. But why get stuck inside when you can enjoy the sun while staying cool?

How To Know If Your Relationship is Real or Just A Fling How To Know If Your Relationship is Real or Just A Fling

Men don’t walk around with a sign on their head that says, “Date me.” It would be nice if they were that obvious, but they aren’t. They aren’t mind readers or psychics. Can you imagine how easy dating would be if they were? But, if they care about you, they try to show you with cute little gestures. If you’re wondering if your relationship is real, follow these 5 rules and you should know!

Gazpacho 101
Gazpacho 101

Gazpacho is a misunderstood soup. The true Andalusia version has almonds, bread, grapes, olive oil, vinegar and salt. Sometimes, anchovies are added. It is peasant food that utilizes leftover ingredients. The bread soaks up water, and then the mixture is pounded with a mortar and pestle. The gazpacho is creamy and refreshing.

Persistence vs. Stalking – Where to Draw the Line Persistence vs. Stalking – Where to Draw the Line

Persistence is a good thing in life. They say that winners never quit and quitters never win. There is no such thing as luck. Instead, those that work hard and are diligent make their own luck. But when it comes to pursuing a woman, an overly persistent guy can be seen as a cyber stalker. Where do we draw the line?

Just for One Recipe Collection
Just for One Recipe Collection

Finding recipes that serve one person is no easy feat! For solos looking for meal ideas that are portion-friendly and delicious, the Single Edition Just for One Recipe Collection is a long-awaited treat. Inspired by top food & celebrity chef Alan Coxon, the collection comes complete with 24 gourmet and quick main dish recipes, perfect for diners with a sophisticated palate as well as budding chefs!

Does First-Love Ever Die?
Does First-Love Ever Die?

Some of you may recognize the name Donna Hanover – she is the ex-wife of former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Don’t feel bad for this former first lady; she has a “happily ever after” story and is living proof that first love is everlasting. Several years ago, Hanover reunited with her high school sweetheart more than three decades after their breakup in college.

Grilled BBQ Beef Pizza
Grilled BBQ Beef Pizza

Planning a summer BBQ and tired of the same old burgers and chicken? Try grilled pizza. A little bit of prep and some fun toppings and you are on your way to enjoying a delicious and different menu. Make small individual pizzas and let your guests customize their own. You can make the BBQ sauce or use purchased sauce

The Kosher Question The Kosher Question

Awhile back, I went to a Denny’s with a girl I had just started dating and a few friends. I’m comfortable eating at Denny’s – as long as I’m eating eggs or potatoes. When the girl I was with ordered a side of bacon, my friends say that my face looked like she had just put orange juice in her cereal. I didn’t intend to react. I didn’t even know it consciously, but I couldn’t comprehend dating a Jew that liked bacon. It was already woven into my being.

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