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Brisket 101 Brisket 101

The usual method of cooking brisket is to dump a bunch of onions, garlic and then a saucy type concoction over the meat, cover it and cook it until it has shriveled up and shrunk in size by about one half. The sauce ingredient ranges from a cola beverage to jarred chili sauce. YUCK! I am convinced that the reason chicken and brisket often share star billing on holiday and Shabbat tables is that some well intentioned cook shrunk the brisket and panicked and threw in some chickens to cover all bases.

Impress Your Date with a Dinner Date Al Fresco Impress Your Date with a Dinner Date Al Fresco

As spring quickly turns to summer, the warm weather becomes a haven for people to mingle, laugh and enjoy time together outdoors.  For those who are looking to meet someone, this also opens up a variety of options for fun, impressive date ideas.  There’s a natural “feel-good” reaction when the sun comes out.  Maybe this is the reason that so many marriages take place during the summer months.

How to Get That Second Date How to Get That Second Date

There has been a recurring theme in the comments of my past articles. Many people seem to be doing well getting the first date, but for some reason, can’t seem to get a second date and want to know why. This article will focus on a few things guys and girls can do to have fun, express interest and get that second date.

Grilled Skirt Steak with Blistered Sweet Potato Fries Grilled Skirt Steak with Blistered Sweet Potato Fries

Time to fire up the grill! Instead of the usual potato salad or french fries, try these tender and piquant sweet potato fries. If you do not have a grill, the entire meal can be prepared stove top with a hot skillet.

7 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Samantha 7 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Samantha

With the new Sex and the City movie merely weeks away, the editors at SingleEdition.com thought it might be a good opportunity to share some tips for the single “Samanthas” among us – specifically the 25 million unmarried American women age 45 and up.

JDates and Worrying JDates and Worrying

As we know, Jews leave the womb equipped with a worry reservoir that is filled early and replenished constantly.  We worry about everything.  Worrying is as essential to our well-being as a balanced breakfast.  It’s our duty, our birthright and our most profound satisfaction.  All Jews worry all the time.

How Guys Can Beat Dating Burn-out
How Guys Can Beat Dating Burn-out

At some point you may find yourself asking the dating question, “Is it worth the hassle?” It’s inevitable. Picking up (and even hooking up) gets old, blind dates become a scary proposition and you may prefer down time on the couch over a round of drinks with another online stranger. But when the “no’s” start to outweigh the “yes’s,” that’s when you’ve reached your tipping point.

Count Down to Mother’s Day
Count Down to Mother’s Day

This is my first year in many years that I do not have to work on Mother’s Day. Woo-Hoo! I have been excited for months. I kept cautiously checking the calendar at work and each time confirming with myself that “no one books an event on Mother’s Day.” True enough, nobody booked an event. I have the entire day all planned out.

Real Love Lessons for Women Minus the Rules
Real Love Lessons for Women Minus the Rules

Relationship expert Andrea Syrtash challenges readers to date outside their boxes. In her new book, due for release this month, Syrtash shares her secrets to lasting love: encouraging women to date their “non-types.” Finally, real love lessons for single women without any “rules!” Kudos to Andrea, for teaching us right from wrong and how NOT to settle for Mr. Maybe.

Mole Poblano Mole Poblano

If you have never tried a mole, now is the time. The complex, layered flavors and fragrant spices, earthy chiles, and velvety chocolate can bring any main course to life. Making a mole will also test any cooks mettle; it requires organization, timing and several cooking methods. But trust me; this heavenly sauce is worth the trouble. I often crave slow-cooked sauces with layer upon layer of flavor. This sauce is an example of the type of flavors I long for. So I get myself organized and dig in. Once all of the ingredients are prepped, the slow cooker will do the rest.

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