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Charoset Tasting
Charoset Tasting

The seder is the highlight of the Passover holiday. The dramatic retelling of the Jews’ exodus from Egypt is punctuated with foodstuffs that symbolize events and stir our emotions. Charoset symbolizes the mortar that the Jews used to cement the bricks. It is eaten in combination with the maror or bitter horseradish to remind us of the sweetness of life, even in bitter times.

Don’t Let Love Pass Over YOU Don’t Let Love Pass Over YOU

Another year, another Seder. Bring on the kreplach, maybe a holishke or two and don’t dare skip the tzimmes or your mother will go mad! Even if you’re a devout weight watcher, you’ll be so compressed with matzah by the end of the fress fest, you’ll vow to swear off JDate until the “I swallowed cement” feeling subsides.  Before you do, I am here to remind all that redemption is only one component of the Passover story.

Kosher and Delicious for Passover and Every Other Day Kosher and Delicious for Passover and Every Other Day

One sure sign that Spring has sprung is the plethora of Passover products that start appearing on grocery store shelves. Each year, I look forward to checking out what new foodstuffs were invented. Usually these products are meant to counterfeit their non-Passover counterparts. Each year, I hold my own personal contest to see what the strangest and most Pesadich-y thing will be…

Ten Dating Mistakes Women Should Avoid Ten Dating Mistakes Women Should Avoid

In response to my article about the mistakes guys make with respect to dating and relationships, several women have asked me the same questions about themselves. Many have asked why they aren’t meeting quality guys, can’t get second dates, or can’t keep a boyfriend. Well, ladies, instead of blaming the guys, perhaps it’s time to examine some of the things you might be doing wrong on your dates…

First Date Mistakes: He-Friendly Tips from Today’s Top Experts First Date Mistakes: He-Friendly Tips from Today’s Top Experts

While many men say they can do it in five seconds, statistics show that it takes anywhere between ninety seconds to four minutes for someone to properly size you up. So gentlemen, you better be all buttoned-up and on your toes on that first date. You don’t need to be a Casanova to impress a woman but you should be mindful of the mistakes that can spoil your chances of success.

Kitchen Gold
Kitchen Gold

When I promised my husband that I would provide a steady supply of “Kitchen Gold” I think he was expecting something completely different than what he found in the freezer, refrigerator and sometimes balcony.

Nine Tips to “Give Good Phone” Nine Tips to “Give Good Phone”

In online dating, first impressions are crucial: usually people focus on having a good photo or writing a clever profile. But have you ever thought about what kind of first impression you make by telephone?

10 Ways Aunts Make Great Dates 10 Ways Aunts Make Great Dates

The same Jewish tradition that encourages our education and worldliness is also central to our sense of family. Many Jewish women struggle with wanting to have it all. While we are just as likely as our brothers to work in management, business and professional/technical positions (59% vs. 60%), we are also responsible for American Jewish continuity since we’re the ones who birth baby Jews…

Walk, Don’t Run Down the Aisle
Walk, Don’t Run Down the Aisle

While you may be in a hurry to walk down the aisle you may want some “been there done that” perspective to help you make sure you are marrying not just for the sake of getting married. In this up-close and personal interview, one author reveals why you may be better off skipping an ill-considered starter marriage altogether, and how to move on if you find yourself thrust back into the dating scene after that failed first go at it.

Pasta Puttanesca
Pasta Puttanesca

This is the perfect dish to use up some of that pasta lying around in your cabinets before Passover. I am embarrassed to think of how much pasta I consume in a year because of this dish.

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