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A Super Kosher Decision A Super Kosher Decision

I was always fascinated by two hot dog stands that were on the corner of 55th and Madison. One of the stands was kosher and the other was not. I used to watch people go out of their way, even waiting extra traffic light changes, to get to the kosher hot dog stand.

Why a Love Doctor Can Help You Get Hitched
Why a Love Doctor Can Help You Get Hitched

We see doctors for health checkups and accountants to help us get our finances in order.  There are also those of us who may even have regular sessions with a fitness instructor, therapist or career coach.  Yet somehow, when it comes to matters of the heart, we neglect to get treatment.

DIY – Date Night DIY – Date Night

Imagine soft candle light, beautiful music, crisp-refreshing martinis, crackling skinned chicken with the fragrance of rosemary and lemon perfuming the air and deep dark chocolate mousse.

Is it your favorite restaurant? No. This is your home kitchen with you at the helm. Usually date night means eating at a restaurant and sometimes having a great meal and sometimes not. I propose that the next date night, whether you are cooking for one or two, that you treat yourself and those you love to an intimate home cooked meal.

Enhance Your JDate Experience Enhance Your JDate Experience

Are you maximizing your experience on JDate? Do you do everything possible to meet your perfect match? Are you meeting as many people as possible? If not, here are a few ideas.

Winter Boot Camp
Winter Boot Camp

Remember that second piece of pie that you just had to have? Well, now you are regretting every delicious bite. No worries. I have two; count them two, tasty soups that are low in fat and big on flavor. No need to worry about breaking resolutions with these scrumptious recipes. Both soups are quick and easy do-ahead recipes that will help you start the New Year off with a bang. Each recipe can be made ahead of time and frozen. I like to freeze portions of soup in reusable containers (this is part of that “Be Green” resolution you also made!) and then reheat each portion when I am ready.

Three Dating Mistakes You Must Vow to Break in 2010 Three Dating Mistakes You Must Vow to Break in 2010

It’s January again…If you’re like many JDate members, finding love may be at the top of your resolution list for 2010. How to make commitments stick is an age-old dilemma that you’ve probably come across in your life, particularly if you’ve ever vowed to lose weight, run a marathon or butt out of smoking.

Love is a little bit more complicated – there is no magic formula, steps to follow or 1-800 help line that will guarantee you succeed with your resolution. Instead of just focusing on what you ought to do to find love in the New Year, think about the following list of habits to break if you want to enhance your chances of meeting that special someone.

New Year’s brunch anyone? New Year’s brunch anyone?

Start the New Year off on the right track with my favorite egg dish. Brunch doesn’t need to complicated-just gorgeous and delicious. Skip the blimpie bagels and cliché cream cheese. Treat yourself and some friends to a zesty Mediterranean egg dish. Sunny-side up eggs poached in spicy tomato sauce with your favorite vegetables and a drizzle of your best olive oil. What could be better? Add some bowls of your favorite condiments, warm pita and a pot of strong coffee and you have New Year’s brunch under control. Now if only the rest of the year would go this smoothly!

New Decade: New You New Decade:  New You

Where were you when the Millennium turned?  For most of us, it’s an easy New Year’s to remember. In 2000, I was a 27 year old single, living in New York. My dreams of where I thought I would be, married with children, did not pan out as planned. Instead, I flew back home to be with the close circle of friends with whom I had grown up – those were the people who had become my family. As we toasted in the new, deep inside I knew that things would never be quite the same.

Mix, Mingle and Be Merry at the Dreaded Jew-Do
Mix, Mingle and Be Merry at the Dreaded Jew-Do

Yes, it’s time for the oft-dreaded, secretly anticipated Jew-Do, and depending on the city in which you live it includes the mass coming together of alienated tribesmen and women.  It’s almost as if it’s part of our genetic composition to kvetch about annual gatherings like the Matzo Ball Party or Schmooz-A-Palooza®, but somehow the Jew-Do has become part of our modern cultural heritage. And yes, there may be people you want to avoid running into and others you simply have no interest in getting to know, but these end-of-season celebrations are probably the best way to mix, mingle and find merriness before the New Year.

Something Else for Jews on Christmas Something Else for Jews on Christmas

Forget the turkey, goose or other roasted items gracing the holiday table. We Jews have our own tradition for festive meals on Christmas; Chinese food! The history of Jews eating Chinese food on Christmas comes from the late 1800’s when Chinese restaurants were typically the only places open on Christmas (many Chinese are Buddhist) and welcomed Jews who were looking for an outing on the Christian holiday. The Chinese restaurants also did not discriminate and allowed Jews to patronize their restaurants.

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