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Know When to Hold ‘Em, Know When to Fold ‘Em Know When to Hold ‘Em, Know When to Fold ‘Em

I have received many comments on my articles from women who seem not to know when a guy is just not interested in them. It really is surprising that women still don’t realize when a guy doesn’t have a great deal of interest in them or has lost interest. Here are five common situations that women find themselves in and can’t understand what is really happening…

Simple Pleasures
Simple Pleasures

Summertime is all about nostalgia. I love summer nights and crave the childhood treats that made summer so memorable. One of my favorite memories is of making S’Mores. We used to gather round the dying charcoal from a grill or campfire and toast (and burn) marshmallows and assemble the classic and messy delicious sandwiches.

Is Your Personal Profile in Need of a Facelift?
Is Your Personal Profile in Need of a Facelift?

Frustrated and tired with online dating because you’re not getting the hits you deserve? Don’t throw in the towel yet! A few simple tweaks to your personal profile may be all you need to up your game online. We sat down with eFlirt expert, Laurie Davis, to find out how you can build a better portfolio on your own or with the help of professionals!

Father’s Day: How to Get into a Single Dad’s Heart
Father’s Day: How to Get into a Single Dad’s Heart

According to the Census Bureau, single fathers head up nearly two million households across the United States.  As caring, emotionally invested providers, it’s no wonder why it’s so easy to fall in love with these men. But, the stakes are higher because they’re also fathers to toddlers, teens or adult children.

Falling in Love Again
Falling in Love Again

As a chef, I am always looking for new flavors and ingredients. Sometimes I fall in love with a familiar ingredient all over again and will spend weeks experimenting with it in new combinations. My new and old favorite ingredient is Pimenton Ahumado. This stuff is quite simply the bomb!

Just a Bite
Just a Bite

I grew up in a very adventurous household. I did not know it at the time, but we were really different from other families. I grew up in the suburbs outside of Chicago and from all outward appearances we were probably very typical. My father was a pretty average suburban dad with one eccentricity…he liked to travel the world with food. He was an incredibly adventurous foodie (way ahead of his time).

Behind the Camera Secrets Behind the Camera Secrets

Want to put your best face forward in the world of online dating? It all begins with your personal profile photos. But choosing picture perfect images is not as simple as one would think. In fact, some would say there is a science behind it. So to help make things a little easier for you, we interviewed Gordon Gooch, the expert behind Dating Headshots.

The Nerdy Guy’s Guide to Finding Love The Nerdy Guy’s Guide to Finding Love

It has long been tradition for Jews to put an emphasis on education; you’ll more likely find a Jew pursuing an MBA over the NBA. High school sports may rule much of the country, but our “Friday Night Lights” are a bit different.

How to Be Comfortable in Any Social Situation How to Be Comfortable in Any Social Situation

Dating can be quite difficult. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to get comfortable in a dating situation. But, learning how to be at ease wherever you are will allow you to always have fun.  The number one way to feel comfortable in any situation is to always be confident. No matter where you are, people are drawn to confidence. If you walk into a date feeling like a million dollars, your date will be impressed.

Bar Mitzvah Crashers Bar Mitzvah Crashers

Don’t drop your jaw at me. Crashing is nothing new to Jews. You think those party animals waited for Noah’s formal invite before they boarded their booze cruise? You think our ancestors waited for Moses’s Evite® before escaping from Egypt?

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