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Mole Poblano Mole Poblano

If you have never tried a mole, now is the time. The complex, layered flavors and fragrant spices, earthy chiles, and velvety chocolate can bring any main course to life. Making a mole will also test any cooks mettle; it requires organization, timing and several cooking methods. But trust me; this heavenly sauce is worth the trouble. I often crave slow-cooked sauces with layer upon layer of flavor. This sauce is an example of the type of flavors I long for. So I get myself organized and dig in. Once all of the ingredients are prepped, the slow cooker will do the rest.


It sounds a little silly to say that I am passionate about salmon. Nevertheless, I am! I could eat salmon almost every day. Sometimes I actually do eat it every day. I love the bright color and have been known to gather the staff around to admire an especially beautiful filet. I am not sure they share my enthusiasm, and I am positive they don’t think that it looks like jewelry…

Ladies, You Can Have it All!
Ladies, You Can Have it All!

As part of our ongoing book series, SingleEdition.com sat down with the women from Boys Before Business. Currently on tour, hitting major cities throughout the United States, authors Jennifer Wilcox and Kim Myles are helping career women across the nation “do it all.” Here are some of the insights they conveyed during our interview…

Throw Out That List Throw Out That List

Most single people maintain a list of traits, characteristics or attributes they desire in a future mate. Some people seek brunettes or blondes, and others refuse to date somebody older than a specific age. Many people prefer tall, while others don’t care about height. Others seek a mate employed in a specific profession or in a certain socioeconomic group, while others prefer somebody with strong character. Unfortunately, the list tends to get longer as we grow older, making it more difficult to finally find that “perfect” partner.

New Documentary Highlights 30-Something Women Seeking Happily Ever After
New Documentary Highlights 30-Something Women Seeking Happily Ever After

Two years ago, filmmakers Michelle Cove and Kerry David began making a feature-length documentary called Seeking Happily Ever After, about why there are more single 30-something women in the U.S. than ever before and whether women are redefining the words “happily ever after.”


I think we are supposed to end Passover feeling unburdened and brand new. I feel neither. Do not get me wrong-I had a great Pesach. The weather was amazing for Chicago in March/early April and we were able to get outside and take walks. We ate great food and enjoyed some fun family time. But I have this nagging feeling that I did not do the holiday the way I should have.

The Politics of Love When it Happens in the Workplace The Politics of Love When it Happens in the Workplace

When Amy took a new job at as an Asset Manager last December, she never thought she could fall for a quirky guy like Stuart, her new supervisor, who was just not her type. But less than two months and several business trips later, the man she jokingly referred to as her “work husband” was all she could think about.

Roasted Asparagus Lasagna with Goat Cheese Roasted Asparagus Lasagna with Goat Cheese

The light flavors of asparagus and goat cheese practically scream spring and since we are now done with Passover, I don’t know about you JDaters®, but I am craving pasta.

What Your Job Says About Your Dating Style What Your Job Says About Your Dating Style

We’ve all spent a few years dating, and most likely we’ve dated people in an assortment of careers. In bigger cities, the variety of jobs is staggering – you can bump into equity analysts, yoga teachers, government policy experts, medical researchers, media mavens and freelancers of all types and stripes. So, it got me thinking, is there a correlation between your dating style and your chosen profession? Here are a few observations…

Herbed Roasted Chicken with Quinoa-Mushroom Pilaf Herbed Roasted Chicken with Quinoa-Mushroom Pilaf

Sometimes you just need a really good piece of chicken. The fresh herbs and citrus bring out the best in chicken. I love the aroma that this chicken adds to the house when it is roasting. It is perfect for Shabbat dinner as well as a weekday meal.

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