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Top 5 Unexpected First Date Destinations Top 5 Unexpected First Date Destinations

Women love activities. It’s a known fact. I’m not sure if it’s the child in us, but we love dates that involve any sort of activity. A pottery making class sure isn’t your normal first date idea, but it definitely is fun. It enables you to be hands on and also gives you some insight into what type of person your date is.

The Best Qualities of Successful Daters
The Best Qualities of Successful Daters

Dating may have its ups and downs, but it’s important to remember why you’re out there in the first place. If it’s love you’re after, you should spend time with someone who will give you want you want.  Remember: You deserve only the best. So what’s the most important thing to remember while you’re out meeting new people on your quest for love? Stay true to yourself!

5 People You Should Never Date 5 People You Should Never Date

All over the world, so many people are searching for true love. Sometimes, it’s hard to find. However, just because the pickings might sometimes be slim, that doesn’t mean you should go for someone who’s …

Making Changes for the New Year
Making Changes for the New Year

As someone that writes about online dating for a living I have visited and seen my fair share of online dating sites.  While many strive for greatness, the truth is that many just do not live up to the hype in terms of user-experience, quality of membership and overall satisfaction.  Yet, there are a few gems in this over-populated field and I must say, JDate falls near the top of the list.  JDate not only delivers on a specific niche, helping Jewish people to find matches in a dwindling Jewish population, but it continues to expand and innovate with new ideas.

How to Turn a First Date into a Second Date How to Turn a First Date into a Second Date

Men are visual. They can’t help but judge a woman based on their first impression of her. If you want to turn a first date into a second date, follow these rules and you’ll be second dating in no time.

Style Tips: Date Night Outfits Style Tips: Date Night Outfits

Dating can be nerve-racking enough, but add in the anxiety of planning your first few date night outfits and the anxiety increases tenfold! I turned to celebrity stylist Sandy Hapoienu to find out what the best possible date night outfits would be for a first meet and greet, meeting at a trendy bar, a dinner date and a night at the gala.  I had the pleasure of working with the talented Sandy Hapoienu at Bloomingdales in White Plains NY for the shoot, and Sandy chose her top picks for the following date nights.

JDate Walking JDate Walking

When I joined JDate, I mean when I really joined JDate, I didn’t just set up a profile, pick a random screen name, answer a few questions, find a color code that suited me and start flirting with strangers.  Nope….I took a camera crew to the streets to document my experience.  

Introducing JDate Walking, my new, online video series in which I take your advice on how to become the “MostEliJewble” bachelor on JDate.  Think of it as the Great Jewish Dating Experiment.  I come to you as a Jewish mound of clay willing to be molded by the hands of the JDate community.

Charity Events for Singles Charity Events for Singles

When you first walk into the room, walk in with a sense of confidence even though you may be nervous.  Be friendly, but do not be overly friendly; people may see this as “leeching” and may become uncomfortable.  Try to “work the room” and meet as many people as you can, and always be “light and polite.” Keep the predominant focus of the conversation around the charity, not around your business.

First Date Wines First Date Wines

Who hasn’t imagined the perfect first date at a dimly lit wine bar? Flickering tea lights, knees bumping under the table, warmth spreading to the legs, fingers brushing fingers as you clink your glasses…Flash forward to the perfect wedding, and there’s that same bottle of wine, the first one you ever shared. Do you really want your guests to guzzle a cheap Pinot Grigio that smells of, ahem, Linden tree blossoms (Google: “Queen Victoria and the Linden Tree”).

How to Get Over a Breakup How to Get Over a Breakup

My matchmaker mom once told me that it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. I didn’t understand what this meant until a few years ago when someone broke my heart. After what seemed like months and months of crying, I finally understood this saying. I realized that it’s better to have been in love and have your heart broken than to be single and never have experienced a broken heart.

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