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Whatever Happened To Woo? Whatever Happened To Woo?

I wish I lived 200 years ago so I could woo a woman the way single men did back then. Who even uses the word “woo” anymore, much less knows what it means? Who even gives much thought at all to what they say to the opposite sex? Maybe Kanye West, but the rest of us – not so much. The media and the MTV generation and life’s increasingly rapid pace have pretty much finished off traditional courtship, replacing “wooing” with “hitting on” or “coming on to” or “making your move.” It’s so sad. Where’s the poetry? Where’s the passion? Where’s the heart? For many of us men, unfortunately, it’s all in our pants. Okay, I’ll speak for myself.

Is Hollywood Destroying Our Love Lives?
Is Hollywood Destroying Our Love Lives?

Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey, George Clooney; I’m sure you are all really nice people, and I mean that. However, you are making the online dating lives of men who want to get into serious relationships around the world much more difficult. I know it’s not your fault; you’re just acting the parts that were written for you. Still, the problem is that women see your movies and expect these hopeless romantic stories to become their reality.

Dating Outside Your Zip Code Dating Outside Your Zip Code

A few months ago I wrote an article about using online dating sites like JDate to meet someone that might live (way) outside your zip code. It’s not to say that the process is easy, many people won’t even bother to have a conversation with someone who’s not geographically desirable, but you’ll come across the few who will — and the even fewer with which you’ll have something in common. One conversation leads to another, you eventually meet in person, and your romance begins. So what happens if you do meet someone special?

Three Great Summer Date Ideas Three Great Summer Date Ideas

Receiving the phone number of someone you met online is always an exciting thing. The prospect of a new date tends to bring a new excitement into our lives as we imagine all the possibilities that may arise. However, with every blessing comes a price. We may be excited about that first date on the horizon, but we also need to think about what to do on that first date!

Does Dating Happiness Come From Within – Or Within My Wallet? Does Dating Happiness Come From Within – Or Within My Wallet?

According to a recent research study, three of the hardest things on the planet are diamonds, iron, and dating after divorce. After your divorce, you pretty much have to go back to school. You need to relearn how to love and trust, which is increasingly more difficult in our disposable-relationship society. Women know that if any man cannot provide what they want, the next man who can provide it could be just one JDate click away.

The Dangers Of Serial Daters The Dangers Of Serial Daters

Have you ever dated a woman whose attitude suddenly changes for the worse? Or been with a guy who starts to play games out of nowhere? Or maybe the person you’re seeing abruptly turns into a rude, mysterious person with no explanation. It happens to the best of us.

Surviving Wedding Season When You’re Single
Surviving Wedding Season When You’re Single

It’s happening, and sooner than you think. The snow has melted (if you had snow in the first place), flowers are in bloom, and fiancés/fiancées are busy turning into husbands and wives right before your eyes!

3 Critical First Date Mistakes 3 Critical First Date Mistakes

Sometimes women are just plain cruel online, right? I mean, why would a beautiful woman on JDate give you her phone number after a great conversation, agree to a phone call, and then not pick up the phone for a date?!

The Two Types Of Men Who Make Women Run The Two Types Of Men Who Make Women Run

Online dating has a fair share of perks. One of my favorite perks is the opportunity to talk to as many women as I can about online dating on a daily basis. What could be better, right?

The Hottest Date I’ve Ever Had The Hottest Date I’ve Ever Had

The weekend had arrived, romance was in the air, and after several hard days at work, I was so in the mood for love. I was looking good, feeling good, had a wallet filled with cash, and was ready, willing and able to do anything my hot, beautiful date desired. Life was filled with sweet potential. There was just one tiny problem – I didn’t have a hot, beautiful date. Despite all the bounty on JDate, I didn’t have a date, period. I was the sequel to Sleepless in Seattle. I was Dateless in Los Angeles.

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