Jewish rapper Kosha Dillz is once again teaming up with Matisyahu for his Festival of Light Tour. We recently caught up with the rapper to get his take on celebrating Hanukkah through hip hop and what it takes to light up the stage during the Festival of Lights.

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Austin Basis on Love Lessons from the Ultimate Fairytale
Austin Basis on Love Lessons from the Ultimate Fairytale

Austin Basis stars in the CW’s Beauty and the Beast as J.T. Forbes – the funny sidekick to Vincent, the show’s “beastly” star played by Jay Ryan. The shows second season premieres this month and features J.T. working to help Vincent’s love interest, Cat (Kristin Kreuk), as she tries to save her soul-mate. So, just as Austin Basis is helping two soul mates save their fated love on Beauty and the Beast, we thought this happily married Jewish actor would be the perfect person to help JDaters® with their own epic love stories!

Jon Lovitz & Ivan Sergei Discuss Looking For Love In Jewtopia
Jon Lovitz & Ivan Sergei Discuss Looking For Love In Jewtopia

Originally a popular off-broadway play, the movie version of Jewtopia opens in theaters this weekend. In Jewtopia, Ivan Sergei plays a man who meets the girl of his dreams, but when he finds out she’s Jewish, he lies and tells her that he’s Jewish too. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know a thing about the Jewish culture, so he tracks down a Jewish friend to teach him how to “act Jewish.” Let the mishegas ensue! So what does it mean to “act Jewish” and what the heck does it take to find lasting love anyway? We sat down with two of the film’s stars, Ivan Sergei and Jon Lovitz, to find out!

Reggae Star Matisyahu Gets Intimate Reggae Star Matisyahu Gets Intimate

Reggae star Matisyahu has been sparking a connection with audiences worldwide for nearly a decade. Known for blending traditional Jewish themes with reggae, rock, and hip hop sounds, Matisyahu is one of the Jewish community’s most celebrated musicians around the world. In the last year, however, he has shed many of the elements that we have come to associate with his career…

Can Studying Human Behavior Help You Find Your Beshert? Can Studying Human Behavior Help You Find Your Beshert?

If you’ve been single for years and are constantly lamenting that “all the good ones are taken,” or are always dating the same type of woman who consistently breaks your heart two months in to the relationship, there may be a simple solution for your dating dilemmas. According to Candace Silvers, a human behavior specialist in Los Angeles, the problem behind your rocky relationships may be YOU!

Gourmet Dining With A Side Of Love
Gourmet Dining With A Side Of Love

Brooklyn’s newest underground speakeasy is one of those places we all look for in a dining spot/drinking hole: a place you can feel at home. The Hester is an underground, word-of-mouth music café and lounge in Brooklyn. It fuses local food, great music and, best of all, Jewish conversation. The venue was once a Brooklyn home, and has since been revamped into an inviting supper club with a warm atmosphere. This homey hotspot has quickly become a hub of Jewish nightlife and mingling. We reached out to founder Itta Werdiger Roth to find out why this mixture of gourmet kosher food with soulful music seems to be sparking a new love for Jewish culture, as well as a few love connections on the side!

Do You Follow The Rules? Do You Follow The Rules?

Ellen Fein and Sherie Schnieder, authors of The Rules, are back! The women who wrote some of the most popular and infamous dating books of the 90’s are coming out with a modern-take on dating called Not Your Mother’s Rules, which hits bookstores in February of 2013. I recently caught up with Ellen and Sherrie to see if they could share a few of their favorite tips!

Jewtopia Moves From Stage To Screen
Jewtopia Moves From Stage To Screen

After 1200 performances and more than a million tickets sold, the play Jewtopia is headed for the big screen. Since opening in 2003, the play went on to become the longest-running Off-Broadway comedy of all time. Now, Jewtopia will make its debut once again, this time as a film at the Newport Beach Film Festival in April.

From JDate To Broadway From JDate To Broadway

Hailed by critics, actor (and former JDater®) Josh Young is being called “brilliant” in his Broadway debut as Judas Iscariot in Jesus Christ Superstar. Fans of his performance say he takes the character to an entirely new level, playing Judas in a new way that explains his betrayal of Jesus Christ as an action caused by his unrequited love for Christ. Young tells us why playing this role is so fascinating to a “Hebrew school-learned” Jew like himself and why this role indirectly led him to meet his Beshert on JDate!

Is It Beshert…Or Just Shtick? Is It Beshert…Or Just Shtick?

Meet JDate’s newest Success Story, Elisa Jordana and Benjy Bronk. While Bronk is well-known for his work on The Howard Stern Show as a writer and comedian, Jordana is easily recognized by Cobra Starship fans who will remember her as the band’s former keytarist. Now, Jordana is making a new name for herself after writing the song, “Online Sweetheart,” an ode to the love she and Bronk found on JDate.

“Online Sweetheart” is garnering national attention thanks to Bronk’s connection to The Howard Stern Show. Often discussed by Stern, the video for the song has more than 60,000 hits on YouTube and was recently featured on Good Day LA. While some detractors say Jordana and Bronk are using their connection to The Howard Stern Show to further their careers and find greater fame, the two say they simply want to share a positive message about finding love.

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