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From JDate To Broadway From JDate To Broadway

Hailed by critics, actor (and former JDater®) Josh Young is being called “brilliant” in his Broadway debut as Judas Iscariot in Jesus Christ Superstar. Fans of his performance say he takes the character to an entirely new level, playing Judas in a new way that explains his betrayal of Jesus Christ as an action caused by his unrequited love for Christ. Young tells us why playing this role is so fascinating to a “Hebrew school-learned” Jew like himself and why this role indirectly led him to meet his Beshert on JDate!

Is It Beshert…Or Just Shtick? Is It Beshert…Or Just Shtick?

Meet JDate’s newest Success Story, Elisa Jordana and Benjy Bronk. While Bronk is well-known for his work on The Howard Stern Show as a writer and comedian, Jordana is easily recognized by Cobra Starship fans who will remember her as the band’s former keytarist. Now, Jordana is making a new name for herself after writing the song, “Online Sweetheart,” an ode to the love she and Bronk found on JDate.

“Online Sweetheart” is garnering national attention thanks to Bronk’s connection to The Howard Stern Show. Often discussed by Stern, the video for the song has more than 60,000 hits on YouTube and was recently featured on Good Day LA. While some detractors say Jordana and Bronk are using their connection to The Howard Stern Show to further their careers and find greater fame, the two say they simply want to share a positive message about finding love.

Weighing The Risk Of Love
Weighing The Risk Of Love

Without risk, there is no reward. The Last Blind Date proves that old saying true as it hilariously details author Linda Yellin’s transformation from a woman who is hurt by marriage to a woman who is happily fulfilled by marriage. This real-life romance is Yellin’s true account of meeting “The One,” the risks she took for love and the reward that came with the gamble. We spoke with the author to get her take on blind dates, Jewish men and why the saying, “the bigger the risk, the greater the reward” was definitely true in her case.

Former JDater Writes The Book On Love Former JDater Writes The Book On Love

Bari Lyman, author of the new book Meet to Marry, has seen her share of rocky relationships, daunting dates and mystifying men. From the man who turned out to be gay to the guy with a drug addiction, it’s easy to see why Lyman used to describe herself as “relationship-challenged.” But at 35, she had an epiphany. Lyman realized it wasn’t the men who were the problem, it was her.  At that point, the former JDater® embarked on an intense personal journey, examining herself and transforming the areas in her life where she had a relationship “blind spot.” After much self reflection and transformation, Lyman went on to meet her beshert on JDate. Now married, she says marriage-minded singles can have a lifetime love like hers simply by following three easy (or at least easier than you think) steps.

Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger: How to Get Married in a Year Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger: How to Get Married in a Year

In the dating detox period, Patti recommends finding your five non-negotiables.  Determine what the five things are that you can’t live without.  Whether it is religion, location or financial security, you should have a good idea of what these non-negotiables are before entering the courtship process. According to Stanger, you can tell if he is the right guy if “he shows up on time, he calls when he says he will call and you get to be the Saturday night girl.”

Spiritual Compatibility in Relationships Spiritual Compatibility in Relationships

What is the foundation of a spiritual relationship?
A spiritual relationship is built upon the foundation that both partners are going to support each other as they grow.  It is about getting to another level of perception with your partner.  If your values are not aligned, the relationship won’t go very far.  For example, I could meet a physically attractive girl, but if she doesn’t have a spiritual practice, there’s less of a connection and less of a desire to go on a first, second or third date with her. I know it can only go to the surface level so I wont even pursue the next date.

Love Advice from Real Housewife of NYC Jill Zarin Love Advice from Real Housewife of NYC Jill Zarin

In “Secrets of a Jewish Mother,” Jill Zarin wants to know: Why are you not dating anyone yet? Have you asked everyone you know to set you up with someone? Have you gone online? What are you waiting for? In our exclusive interview, Jill Zarin shares her top tips from her new book “Secrets of a Jewish Mother” on how to navigate the dating scene, find true love and build a life filled with happiness and success.

Rabbis, Bribes and Bar Mitzvahs: A Look at the Coen Brothers’ A Serious Man
Rabbis, Bribes and Bar Mitzvahs: A Look at the Coen Brothers’ A Serious Man

Imaginatively exploring questions of faith, familial responsibility, delinquent behavior, dental phenomena, academia, mortality, and Judaism – and intersections thereof – A Serious Man is the new film from Academy Award-winning writer/directors Joel & Ethan Coen.

From Conversion to Ordination From Conversion to Ordination

On June 6 of this year, Alysa Stanton was ordained the first African-American female rabbi and is scheduled to take the pulpit at Bayt Shalom in Greenville, North Carolina this August. JDate President Greg Liberman got the chance to sit down with Rabbi Stanton to congratulate her on her wonderful achievement and discuss the conversion process, interfaith marriage, relationships and more!

Can Money Buy Love? Can Money Buy Love?

A JBlogger weighs in on a debate between Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger and America’s Rabbi, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

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