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Our members provide a look at the attitudes, opinions and growing trends among today's single adults across a variety of topics, including religion, politics, pop culture,and, of course, dating and relationships. If you are a journalist or media representative and want to conduct a poll of our members, please contact: gail@spark.net.

Eco-Dating Are "green" issues the latest fodder for dating disputes? We polled over 200 JDaters to find out what role eco-issues play in relationships.

How important is it that the person you date be environmentally conscientious?
Very important 12%
Important 24%
Somewhat important 33%
Not important 31%
Has the environment ever been a point of contention in past relationships?
Yes 10%
No 90%

JDate's 2007 Person of the Year When asked to name their favorite Jewish person of 2007, JDaters polled selected the famed "Curb Your Enthusiasm" actor and writer for his ability to seamlessly and consistently integrate Jewish humor into his show.

JDate's 2007 Person of the year is?
Seth Rogan 15%
Donny Deutsch 4%
Mayor Michael Bloomberg 12%
Ashley Tisdale 3%
Senator Arlen Specter 4%
Sarah Silverman 16%
Senator Barbara Boxer 4%
Larry David 23%
Other 19%

Important Qualities in a Mate What is the most important quality JDaters seek in a future partner? Over 1700 JDaters shared what matters most.

What's the most important quality you look for in a life partner?
Similar lifestyle and values 57.7%
Physical chemistry 34.8%
Shared goals 4.5%
Professional stability 3%

JDate Has Become a Family Affair Support is essential when venturing into the online dating world for the first time. The majority of JDaters polled say their friends or family encouraged them to join JDate, and many told us that their friends and family actually helped them create their JDate profile.

Did your friends or family ever encourage you to join JDate?
Yes 63%
No 37%
Did your friends or family ever help you with your profile?
Yes 34%
No 66%

JMoms Mothers everywhere want the best for their children, and sometimes they can be a little too involved. Find out what our JMoms nag about the most and more.

What TV mom best typifies your Jewish mother?
Doris Roberts - "Everyone Loves Raymond" - the nagging mom 33%
Lois Griffin - "Family Guy" - fun and a bit wacky 29%
Mrs. Costanza - "Seinfeld" - the overly protective mom 22%
June Cleaver - "Leave it to Beaver" - the perfect happy mom 9%
Bree Van De Kamp - "Desperate Housewives" - delusional mom 7%
What you don't want to hear from your Jewish mother on Mother's Day:
"You know who just got engaged?" 30%
"Can you afford this?" 24%
"Should you really be eating that?" 20%
"I think you should meet him/her.he/she is really nice!" 19%
"You got this for me again?" 7%
What is the perfect gift for your Jewish mother on Mother's Day?
Finding yourself a match on JDate 38%
A day of beauty 20%
A piece of jewelry 18%
Flowers and chocolate 13%
Brunch at the country club 11%

Passion for Compassion In celebration of its 10th anniversary as the leading online community for Jewish singles, JDate polled its members on the most desirable qualities they look for in a soul mate, and found that compassion was the most popular attribute.

What is the most desirable quality you look for in a soul mate?
Compassion 39%
Killer wit 18%
Patience for quirks and foibles 12%
Fascinating intellect 12%
Raving beauty/ladykiller looks 10%
A taste for adventure 4%
Bottomless bank account 4%

New Year's Resolutions As single Americans contemplate how to change their lives in 2007, JDaters voted on their number one New Year's resolution for 2007 and found that the most popular New Year's resolution is finding a soul mate.

What's your number-one New Year's Resolution for 2007?
Finding a soul mate 41%
Losing weight and increasing exercise 26%
Accomplishing a major professional goal 17%
Dropping a bad habit or vice 7%
Taking a class or picking up a skill or hobby 6%
Spending more time with family and friends 3%

Soul Mates In anticipation of the August 8-9, 2006 celebration of Tu B'Av, the Jewish equivalent of Valentine's Day, JDate asked its members if they believed in one true "beshert" or soulmate. Over 600 JDaters responded.

Do you believe you have one true beshert (soulmate)?
Yes 34%
No 40.2%
Not sure 25.7%
How important is it to you to find true love?
The most important thing 30%
Very important 55%
If it happens it happens 14%
Not that important to me 1%

Paying Parents Are parents jumping into the online dating game by purchasing memberships for their children? Over 800 JDaters set the record straight about whose been paying for whom.

Has your mother ever paid for your JDate membership?
Yes 22%
No 78%

Jewish Dads Whether he danced like a fool at the bar mitzvah, told inappropriate jokes at Passover of just showed baby pictures to every date that came around, everyone love the Jewish Dad! JDate members weighed in on famous dads.

Who would be the most embarrassing dad?
Adam Sandler 51%
Billy Crystal 33%
Jon Stewart 12%
Matthew Broderick 4%
Who's the menchiest celebrity dad?
Steven Spielberg 33%
Billy Crystal 29%
Matthew Broderick 14%
Jon Stewart 13%
Adam Sandler 12%

Celebrity Moms Who's the most meddlesome? Which would you want for your own? Over 2600 JDaters weigh in on their favorite Jewish celebrity moms.

Which famous Jewish mother do you think is the most meddlesome when it comes to their children's love life?
Bette Midler 15%
Barbara Streisand 16%
Sharon Osbourne 19%
Joan Rivers 50%
Which famous Jewish mother would you prefer to have as your own?
Joan Rivers 7%
Sharon Osbourne 24%
Barbara Streisand 25%
Bette Midler 44%

Jewish Mothers Are Jewish mothers really that meddlesome when it comes to dating? In April 2006, JDate tallied its poll of approximately 700 members to find out.

When it comes to dating, my mother:
Minds her own business 37%
Asks questions constantly 31%
Complains about who you date 8%
Searches JDate for me 3%
Wants to know why I'm still single 21%
How often does your mom ask about your love life?
Every time I talk to her 25%
Only when I see her 14%
Never directly, she just talks 29%
Never, she waits for me to volunteer 32%
Do you tell your mom about the people you meet on JDate?
Only when I meet someone great 49%
No, because I'll never hear the end of it 29%
Yes, it gets her off my back 22%
If your mother tries to fix you up, what do you do?
Go with it, just to be nice 14%
Go with it, she has a good eye 11%
My mom doesn't try to fix me up 56%
Listen to her kvetching, but don't let her fix me up 19%

Jewish Stereotypes Do Jewish stereotypes affect you? For a research project for Brandeis University, JDate asked its members about Jewish gender stereotypes and their effect on Jewish dating habits.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: "From my own dating experience, I believe that Jewish men and Jewish women fit the stereotypes portrayed in movies, television, and literature."
Strongly Agree 7%
Agree 41%
Disagree 41%
Strongly Disagree 11%
Have Jewish stereotypes as portrayed in movies, television, and literature ever negatively affected your decision to date a Jewish man or woman?
Yes 23%
No 77%

Love a Mensch Week In celebration of "Love a Mensch Week" February 6-13, 2006, which recognizes decent, responsible men and women, JDate polled hundreds of members about their favorite single celebrity mensches.

Favorite (single) male celebrity mensch
Zach Braff 27%
Chris Noth 20%
Howard Stern 20%
Adrien Brody 16%
Adam Brody 11%
Al Brooks 6%
Favorite (single) female celebrity mensch
Natalie Portman 46%
Sarah Silverman 24%
Lisa Loeb 13%
Winona Ryder 9%
Jamie-Lynn Sigler 8%
'Menschiest' Valentine's Day gift
a weekend getaway 38%
dinner 18%
a picnic lunch 15%
a puppy 11%
a poem 11%
an iPod 7%
Worst Valentine's Day date
Gilbert Gottfried 29%
Courtney Love 24%
Howard Stern 17%

When to Call JDate asked our members how soon a guy should call after a date. The movie "Swingers" called two days "industry standard," but what do people really think? A whopping 27,000 answers came in.

When is the appropriate time for a guy to call after a date?
When she gets home that night 14%
Sometime the next day 53%
Wait at least one day 21%
Wait at least three days 5%
Wait at least a week 7%


Does your mother meddle in your love life?
Yes 52% No 48%
Does her meddling bother you?
Yes 49% No 51%
When it comes to dating, your mother:
Minds her own business 46%
Asks questions constantly 42%
Complains about who you date 15%
Searches JDate and sends you matches 7%
Your mother would be happiest if you found a date at:
Temple 34%
JDate 23%
College 20%
Work 17%
Grocery store 6%
How oftend does your mother ask about your love life?
Never 37%
Never directly (she talks about how everyone else is married) 23%
Every time I talk to her 22%
Only when I see her 18%

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