• Shabbat Shalom JTwitterers! And, for those JDaters out on JDates this weekend, we wish you good luck! #
  • RT via @Julie_Bush: Looking forward to the spin-off “Kate Plus 8 Hit JDate” #
  • RT via @JewishBride: @thinksplendid I’m partial to @jdate I met my hubby on their and so did half of our bridal bloggers! #
  • Globe article on how college kids are using online dating sites like JDate: http://shar.es/vaU6 #
  • “First Comes JDate, Then Comes Marriage” — Check out the debut blog post from @JewishBride on JBlog: http://tinyurl.com/ngdwoq #
  • JDate sits down with Rabbi Alysa Stanton, the first African-American female rabbi: http://bit.ly/bZu9c #

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