In supposedly a voyeuristic manner I enjoy reading profiles (yes, I look at more than the photo) and reading others perspectives on their ideal and lessons learned.  A good majority of profiles are generic in nature seemingly without much introspection but once in awhile you find one that makes you pause and take note. Recently I took note!!  It was both the writing and photo that had me in awe. Granted it was playing on a soft spot of mine; photography and my Asian fetish. The photo was an aerial shot displaying the perfect expression of a young Asian boy in the grass assumingly going through tickle torture by Mr. Captivation.  The scene and expressions is one that can be easily seen in a gallery shot.

I find myself looking at the photo and wondering who is this person; is he kind, generous, fun, charismatic, curious, spontaneous…who knows…

To my luck, Mr. Captivation lives in another city so who knows if we will ever meet.  But this photo indeed spoke a thousand words AND brought a smile to my face.

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