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After we had both tried JDate a few times before, we each decided to give it one last shot. Sure enough, a brief Monday night introductory conversation ended up leading to hours of back and forth contact. Soon thereafter, this led to a date in Central Park on what we would later realize was a fateful and lucky day: 8/8/08.  After hours of strolling and great conversation, without any concept of time, the daytime ran into night and Jason had leave to meet a cousin for dinner, admitting to me later that he never assumed he’d want a first date to last more than 4 hours. Before he left, we made plans for date #2…the very same night, after dinner. In fact, to solidify it as an official second date, I even made an outfit change.

Sure enough, a third date followed the very next day, and both of us knew we had found something special.

The next few months flew by, and we both felt lucky to have found each other, especially when we were faced with more hardship than most couples face early on in their relationship. Both my mother and Jason’s father passed away. My mother’s passing was sudden and unexpected, and for many months we also dealt with Jason’s father’s declining health. However, as unfortunate as the situation was, the silver lining was that it allowed us to not only become closer with each other, but also with each other’s families.

Sure enough, ten months after our courtship began, we became engaged in Central Park, at the bench where we first met.  Fortunately, Jason’s father was able to see it happen and even be a part of the process: As a jeweler, he created my ring! It was the exact same style as both of our mothers’, and he even incorporated side stones from my mother’s ring, which was passed on after her death. 

At our wedding ceremony, Jason’s father’s ring was used as we said our vows and started our Happily Ever After. We have JDate to thank for helping us find each other.

Abbi and Jason
New York, New York


  1. What a beautiful story. Mazel tov and best wishes for continued happiness.

  2. Michael had moved from New York City after finishing Rabbinical School to become the first full-time Rabbi in Davidson, North Carolina. Only one thing was missing, a true partner with whom to share.
    Jacquie was about to give up on JDATE, but her father insisted she give it one more try and paid for her final subscription. Her membership was about to expire when Michael popped up on her screen. After a gentle nudge from her cousin she responded to his message. After putting Michael off for a couple weeks, the date was finally set!
    We were supposed to meet at 8pm but the snowstorm headed our way was determined to derail our plans. Jacquie called Michael at 4pm to cancel, but before she could think of a reason to object, Michael moved the date up to 6pm and hung up the phone.
    The snow had just started to fall as Jacquie came around the corner. After just 5 minutes both of us knew that this would be something special. After four hours and five inches of snow, that feeling had grown ten-fold. Our first date ended, but our second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. soon followed.
    Thus began the saga of Jacquie, a Mexican-American Jewish social worker and Michael, a Rabbi from New York searching for lifelong romance. The rest is history…….Michael asked Jacquie to marry him on June 24…..and all in Spanish for his munequita!

    To Whom It May Concern,
    I cannot thank JDATE enough. I have always wanted to find that “special one” and I had almost given up. Jacquie is a social worker and I am a young rabbi just starting off. We are hoping to be able to go on a great honeymoon and would be happy to help plug JDATE anywhere and everywhere we go if there is anyway that JDATE can help our honeymoon become a reality. As a Rabbi, more than 50% of my weddings are because of JDATE. I believe so strongly in the service your provide. You help people find their b’shert.

    Muchos Gracias, Toda Rabah,

    Rabbi Michael Shields
    Lake Norman Jewish Congregation
    Davidson, North Carolina

  3. Rabbi Michael Shields and Jacqueline Wolochwianski

    meant to submit our own story, not comment. Apologies.

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