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Mark Miller’s Funny Take on Pillow Talk

Take a stroll through your local bookstore and you’ll find self-help guides telling you what to say during a job interview, a funeral, a corporate speech – even a conversation with a dolphin. Nowhere, however, will you find even one paragraph describing what might be appropriate to say to your lover while making love… until now.

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I Like Jewish Women!

JMag contributor Mark Miller loves Jewish women! Of course, that’s no surprise. As Miller points out, there is a unique connection to a shared culture, history, religion and tradition that just fits. And although Miller has certainly dated his share of non-Jewish women, he has plenty of reasons to believe he will ultimately wind up with a Jewish woman. Do you love Jewish women too? Read his column and then share what it is about Jewish women that makes you love them as well!

Jewish Dating

10 Rosh Hashanah Ideas That Failed To Catch On

We’re all familiar with the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah—its traditions, joys and significance for us Jews as the very first of the year’s High Holy Days. In fact, its traditions are so well established that most of us are unaware of the countless Rosh Hashanah ideas that have been suggested, pitched and attempted over the centuries—but have failed to catch on for a variety of reasons…

Jewish Dating

Top 10 Ways Dating Makes You a Better Human Being

We’re all familiar with the downside of dating—the rejection, nervousness, dangers, misrepresentation, time-suck, expense, frustrations—need I go on? But being an optimist, I prefer focusing on dating’s plusses. So, here are the top ten ways dating makes you a better human being (in spite of what your mother says.)