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Jewish Dating

Just Imagine If Schools Taught Dating

Why do we spend so much time and energy teaching our children so much Trivial Pursuit-like “stuff,” while disregarding vital life skills they so desperately need? All that’s going to change when I become Czar of Education. There will be a wide variety of courses available dealing with romantic relationships, including…

Jewish Dating

What Movies Teach Us About Dating

Why do we go to the movies? To be entertained? Informed? Uplifted? All of the above! But we also attend movies to learn about dating, don’t we? After all, they don’t teach it in school, and your parents certainly are not the last word on dating. Check out these flicks to discover what they teach us about the wonderful, wild world of dating.

Jewish Dating

Love & Life on the Rebound

I was warned as a newly divorced man about the classic “rebound” relationship—one that shortly follows the ending of a previous one. Rebounders are supposedly needy, distressed, emotionally unavailable, and lacking the capacity to make good decisions about a partner. This not only describes me, but also most men I know in Los Angeles. Nothing personal, guys.