Jewish Holiday Calendar: The Important Dates for 2019!

Like you, we love Jewish holidays and the traditions associated with celebrating them. And, like you, we don’t always remember when they’re actually happening. We’ve put together this Jewish holiday calendar with the dates, meanings and history of every major Jewish holiday so you’ll know when and why you’re noshing or fasting!

All Jewish holidays begin at sundown on the evening before the date shown. Click on any of the holidays below to learn more.

Jewish Holiday Calendar 2019

Shabbat: Every week

Tu B’Shvat: January 20

Ta’anit Esther: March 20

Purim: March 20

Shushan Purim: March 21

Passover: April 19-27

Yom HaShoa: May 1

Yom Hazikaron: May 7

Yom Ha’atzmaut: May 8

Lag B’Omer: May 22

Shavuot: June 8-June 10

The 17th of Tammuz: July 20

Tish’a B’Av: August 10

Tu Be’Av: August 15

Rosh Hashanah: September 29-October 1

Fast of Gedaliah: October 2

Yom Kippur: October 8

Sukkot: October 13-20

Hoshanah Rabbah: October 19

Shemini Atzeret: October 20-22

Simchat Torah: October 21-22

Hanukkah: December 22-30

Jewish Holidays Calendar 2020

Shabbat: Every week

Tu B’Shvat: February 9

Ta’anit Esther: March 9

Purim: March 9

Shushan Purim: March 10

Passover: April 8 – April 16

Yom HaShoa: April 20

Yom Hazikaron: April 27

Yom Ha’atzmaut: April 28

Lag B’Omer: May 11

Shavuot: May 28 – May 30

The 17th of Tammuz: July 9

Tish’a B’Av: July 29

Tu Be’Av:  August 4

Rosh Hashanah: September 18 – 20

Fast of Gedaliah: September 21

Yom Kippur: September 27

Sukkot: October 2 – October 9

Hoshanah Rabbah: October 8

Shemini Atzeret: October 9- October 11

Simchat Torah: October 10

Hanukkah: December 10 – 18

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