Jewish Dating in Australia - Find Your Aussie Match!

If you’re looking for that special someone but find Jewish dating in Australia tricky then Jdate is the right place for you. We bring together Jewish singles from all across Australia to meet others who share their background, culture, and faith. With a long history of making long-lasting love happen, Jdate Australia is one of the best dating sites for Jewish singles. In fact, a study found that 52% of Jewish marriages that started online, started with Jdate! So, what are you waiting for? Find your bashert today.

Jewish Dating Australia – How Does it Work?

If you’re single and looking to find someone who shares your faith, then Jewish dating in Australia can be a bit uncertain. While there are over 90,000 Jewish people in Australia, it can sometimes feel like there are only a few options for meeting Jewish singles in real life (especially those you haven’t met already). You could be set up by your friends, try speed-dating or matchmaking, or just be hoping your true love will bump into you at the (kosher) supermarket!

Even if one of these events does happen, who’s to say that person will be right for you? Belief, culture and background are all important factors for Jewish singles in Australia, but at Jdate we look deeper than that. We want to find you that person who connects with you on many different levels so you can find lasting happiness. Which is why Jdate Australia is one of the best dating sites for Jewish singles looking to find the right person for them. Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, Jdate Australia is committed to giving Jewish singles the best start in their dating journey.

Since 1997, we’ve helped Jewish men and women from all around the world find lasting love. So, one question, how does Jdate work in Australia?

How Does Jewish Dating Work on Jdate Australia?

1. Register and Make Your Profile Picture Perfect

Joining Jdate Australia is simple, just sign up online on our registration page or via our app available on iOS and Android. That’s it – if you have an email address, then you can sign up for Jdate.

Now comes the fun part, filling in your profile and uploading pictures. For Jewish dating in Australia, you should follow the same tips as successful daters around the world –  make sure your profile is well-rounded and that it reflects you accurately. So nothing generic, take your time and think about what interests and hobbies are most important to you. If you’re struggling to describe yourself, then a great tip is to ask a friend what they’d say about you if they were setting you up with someone.

Pictures are another crucial part of a great dating profile. On Jdate Australia, you can add up to six images so potential partners can see every aspect of your personality through your images! You can even import images from Facebook directly onto your profile or snap a spontaneous picture on the spot – just make sure they show the real you.

2. Pick Your Match Parameters

Now you’ve told us about yourself, it’s time to tell us what you’re looking for in a partner. Jdate knows what’s important to Jewish singles looking for love. Which is why our criteria is designed to let us know what matters most to you. So, if you want someone who identifies with their faith, in the same way, you can specify that. We have 12 identification options from culturally Jewish, to traditional and reform. Similarly, if you’d like to meet someone who’s open to having children, keeps kosher or simply lives close to you, then you can filter by that as well.

Setting these parameters at the start of your dating journey is a great way to think about what you’re looking for in a relationship. But, these might change as you meet people and think more about your future. Which is why we’ve made it simple to change these preferences at any time so you can widen or specify your dating pool as you like.

3. Discovering Your Matches

The best part about online dating is seeing how many compatible people you could chat to. This is why Jdate will send you up to seven targeted matches per day based on your specified criteria. Prefer doing your own browsing? No problem, Jdate is set up so Jewish singles in Australia can peruse at their own leisure and start messaging some potential soulmates!

Dating Advice for Jewish Singles in Australia

Jewish dating is a great way of meeting and getting to know Australian singles from all walks of life who share the same cultural and religious background as you. But Jewish dating doesn’t differ from secular dating when it comes to the emotional dynamics involved. While on your dating journey, you may discover more about yourself as well. What are you looking for in a relationship? What values and goals are important to your future happiness? You might end up asking all these questions internally while you’re in the middle of a dinner date!

Our advice at Jdate Australia is to think about these questions before your dating journey. Our questionnaire and matchmaking criteria may prompt a few of these, but it’s important to really understand what you want before you start dating. That way you may be heading towards becoming one of our many Success Stories before you know it!

Compatible Jewish singles are waiting to be connected with you – are you ready to explore Jewish dating in Australia? Register on our homepage now!