Meet Jewish Singles in the Windy City with Chicago Dating on Jdate

With just under 300,000 Jewish men and women living in the Chicago area, it’s one of the largest Jewish communities in the US. So, with plenty of eligible Jewish singles in one of America’s most beautiful cities, how do you actually meet them and do Chicago dating successfully? Here’s a hint: Jdate can help.

We make Chicago dating easy, helping you find compatible partners for long-lasting love with the world’s best Jewish dating site.

Dating in Chicago – Pros and Cons

There are too many things to name that make Chicago a fantastic place to live. The gorgeous view of Lake Michigan, jazz bars, many great sports teams and, most importantly, a sense of real friendship within the city. But, there can be a few downsides to living in a bustling, vibrant city. And no, we’re not talking about those cold winters!

If you’re looking to settle down and find someone to share an authentic connection, a busy city isn’t always the best place to start. It can be stressful, time-consuming, and if you do meet someone, who’s to say they’ll share the same goals and values as you? This goes double if you have a requirement like wanting to meet Jewish singles. You know they’re out there – but how can you find them?

Meeting Chicago’s Jewish Singles Online

Enter online dating. There’s a reason it has become commonplace for people in all age groups and walks of life. It’s taken a lot of the pressure and stress out of dating by allowing you to get to know someone online before you meet. No awkward blind-dates, no miscommunication, because all their information is helpfully displayed on their profile. Plus, if you pick a Jewish dating site like Jdate, you already know that you have something in common!

Even if you’re not a nervous dater, finding someone to date offline can be tricky. This is why so many Chicago singles are looking online to find their long-term partner. Why stress about meeting someone compatible and interesting at a busy bar, when you can meet them online stress-free instead? And as it happens, Jdate is the perfect place to help you find your soulmate. It’s understandable why so many Jewish singles use Jdate for Chicago dating.

Why Choose Jdate for Chicago Dating?

Since 1997, Jdate been helping singles find their perfect partner. In fact, an independent study found that Jdate is responsible for 52% of Jewish marriages that resulted from an online meeting. Our experience and success record is why Jewish singles dating in Chicago, and around the country, are choosing to find their long-term partner online.

Starting with Jdate is incredibly simple, so sign up and get started with dating in Chicago today.

1. Setting Up a Profile

Find your very best picture, ask your friends how they would describe you, and think confidently about how you want the man or woman of your dreams to view you. Done it? Right, now you’re reading to start your Jdate journey. Upload all your information and await the Jdate Customer Care team to approve your pictures (we do this for safety reasons so you can date securely).

2. Selecting Your Match Preferences

What kind of partner are you looking for? It’s a big question and one you’ve probably only idly thought about. But don’t worry about not knowing what you want. We ask a series of questions that will prompt you to consider your partner’s background, education level and future plans regarding children. You can also specify that you want to date someone with a similar Jewish background – you can pick from 12 identification options spanning from Orthodox to Culturally Jewish.

At Jdate we believe in matching Jewish singles with partners who truly fit their lifestyle. This is why you can filter by what matters to you.

3. Meet Your Matches

We understand that not everybody is the same kind of dater. Some people are actively looking for a partner but have trouble finding the time to browse through lots of great online profiles. On the other hand, there are some people who prefer to immerse themselves fully in the online dating experience by reading lots of profiles and finding their matches themselves. Luckily, with Jdate you can have the best of both worlds.

We’ll send you up to seven targeted matches per day. These matches will be based on how compatible your profile details are with each other – the more alike you are, the higher your match percentage will be. If you like having a browse, then you can filter which matches you see based on your match percentage, distance to you, or even registration date.  

Chicago Date Ideas: Jdate’s Favorites

So you’ve met someone on Jdate who seems amazing, and it’s time to take it to the next level. Stuck for inspiration? Here are some of our favorite Chicago date ideas:

After you’ve struck up a conversation, why not meet at some of Chicago’s most beloved eateries? Bebe’s Kosher Deli is located in the French Market and is one of Chicago’s authentic delis serving up classic Reubens and other delectable delights. Met someone who loves baseball as much as you? Milt’s Extra Innings is a family run restaurant dedicated to excellent food, fantastic service, and celebrating the history of Jewish people in baseball! Just make sure that their preference for the Cubs or the Sox matches your own – dates have been ruined over less!

How to Sign Up on Jdate for Chicago Dating

Simple! All you have to do is sign up on our homepage, you can either use a Facebook account or sign up through an email address. Our sign up process is simple and soon you’ll be well on your way to finding your bashert! Still not convinced? Check out our Success Stories and find out how other Jdaters found their happiness.

Discover online dating your way and find your perfect match today.