Meet Like-Minded Single Jewish Women with Jdate

Single Jewish women shouldn’t be hard to find. With your family recommendations of a friend of a friend’s daughter, your social circle, and hobbies — surely it should be easy to find a date? Unfortunately, the chances of someone who shares your interests being single, Jewish, introduced to you out of the blue, and compatible is slim, which is why Jdate exists. We can help you meet eligible, single Jewish women with the goal of finding long-lasting happiness.

Jdate is responsible for 52% of Jewish marriages that resulted from an online meeting — that’s more than all other dating sites combined. This is why we’re considered one of the best websites for Jewish singles looking to find long-term love

How to Meet Interesting Single Jewish Women

So, you’ve got a job you like, a nice social circle of friends, and you’re fulfilling all your family obligations but where’s your bashert?

In modern life finding a single Jewish woman for love and compatibility can be a challenge. You might have tried being set up on blind dates, speed dating, or even generic dating websites to find that special someone. These are all valid ways to find someone but the chance that you like them, have things in common and also share your faith is low. This is why so many Jewish singles are turning to Jdate to find modern love in a modern way.

Jdate was created to fit in with present day single Jewish life, not the other way around, so you can actually enjoy the experience of dating and meeting new people. So, how does Jdate work?

How Does Jdate Work ?

Jdate is a Jewish dating website made up of a community of singles all looking to flirt, date, and meet that someone special. While the Jewish faith is what links our community together, we understand that true compatibility requires more than that. This is why we seek to connect like-minded singles who also share hobbies, lifestyles and everything in between.

Signing Up

Want to start signing up to Jdate? Simply fill out all the basic information about yourself and you’re on your way to start dating. If you’re more of app type of person then you can also access the Jdate dating app via iOS and Android. You can sign up via your Facebook account or an email address, whichever is easiest for you.

Creating Your Profile

Now we’ve gotten the basics out of the way, it’s time for the fun part: We want to know about you! Describing yourself doesn’t come easily, people tend to go for generic terms and end up not recognizing the person they’ve described. If you’re struggling then ask your friends and family to describe you —  how would they characterize you to a stranger that they wanted to set you up with? Think about the kind of person you’re looking to attract and be creative with your profile.

Another obvious but good top tip is to fill your profile with great pictures of yourself. On Jdate you can choose up to six photos to upload so pick some interesting ones that reflect your personality and lifestyle. Remember, to ensure safety, the Jdate Customer Care team will approve your pictures but this shouldn’t take long.

Picking Your Partner Preferences

With Jdate we use a matching system so that you receive up to seven targeted matches in your inbox every day. If you’re more of a browser then you can check out the profiles of single women on Jdate at your leisure.

How we pick your matches is based on the preferences and filters that you provide us with. So, if it was important that all your matches are interested in having children in the future, or vice versa, you can select that as an option. Perhaps you want someone who identifies in a similar way to you: From Orthodox to Culturally Jewish you can specify that too (we have 12 identification options in all).

All our preferences are about what’s important to you in your future relationship because what’s significant to you is paramount to us. Also, you can alter any of these preferences at any time if you change your mind in the future.

Now that your profile is complete and your preferences are picked, it’s time to start messaging your matches. Remember, the first message is all important so think of yourself on your very best day and project that kind of positivity and energy into your messages.

You never know, soon you could be on joining the rest of the happy couples on our Jdate Success Stories page.

Why Use Jdate to Meet Jewish Women?

Meeting single Jewish women is easy with Jdate, and our community is a fun, welcoming experience for online daters — whether you’re experienced or brand new.

If you want to bring someone to your family’s Shabbat who will make your mother cry out, “a real mensch!” then Jdate is the best place to be. Find like-minded singles and start to enjoy the experience of dating and meeting new people.

Don’t delay, start your Jdate journey today and meet the single Jewish woman of your dreams!

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