How To Use Jdate: Make The Most Of Our Dating Site

Jewish, single, and seeking a meaningful connection? Jdate is here to help. A Jewish dating site for relationship-minded singles, Jdate can help you meet interesting, accomplished men and women (and maybe even your bashert!). Here’s how to use Jdate:

How To Use Jdate: Five Steps for Getting Started

As our Success Stories show, Jdate has a long and happy history of helping Jewish singles find great matches. Since 1997, we’ve helped Jewish men and women from all over the world to find love. From New York to Tel Aviv, London to Chicago, we’ve become a mainstay of online Jewish dating. In fact, an independent study found that Jdate is responsible for 52% of Jewish marriages that resulted from an online meeting – that’s more than all other dating sites combined.¹

If you’re ready to find a truly compatible match, Jdate is a great place to search. Here’s how to get started:

Set Up A Profile

There are a number of different ways to register a Jdate profile. You can use the desktop site – head to to get started. Or, you can keep things mobile, and download the Jdate dating app on either iOS or Android.

Once you’ve picked your platform, the next step is to start setting up your account. If you’re on Facebook, you can login using your Facebook details. Or, you can keep your Jdate account separate from your social accounts, and use an email address to get set up.

Add Profile Information and Photos

After you register, you can start filling in your dating profile. You don’t have to worry too much about all the details right away, as you can change your information or add extra insights once your basic profile is complete. However, some information is needed on sign up – think profile elements like your ZIP code and a unique, witty display name.

You’ll also need to add at least one profile photo (you can add up to six in all). Whether you upload them directly from your device, or whether you choose to add images directly from your Facebook account, they’ll need to be approved by the Jdate Customer Care team before they can be seen on your profile. They’ll also likely be the first thing your matches notice, so it pays to take the time and pick good profile pics that show off your personality.

Select Your Match Parameters

Once you’ve added that bit of personality to your profile, it’s time to specify the kind of partner you’re looking for. One of the great things about Jdate is that, while we believe in making and celebrating Jewish connections, we also want you to meet people who you mesh with on multiple levels. That’s why we’ve designed Jdate in a way that allows you to filter by what matters to you.

Maybe you want a date whose kosher practices line up with yours – you can specify that. Perhaps you want someone who identifies in a similar way to you: from Orthodox to Culturally Jewish you can specify that too (we have 12 identification options in all). Maybe your preferences have less to do with a specific Jewish background and more to do with details like education level or openness to having kids – there are options for that as well. It’s all about finding someone right for you.

Start Discovering Your Matches

And now for the exciting bit – meeting your Jdate matches. With Jdate you will get matches sent to you and you can browse through even more profiles at your leisure. It’s the best of both worlds!

Up to seven targeted matches will be sent to you daily. These will be people whose profile details look to be highly compatible with yours – the more you have in common, the higher your match percentage. Pro tip: scrolling past a targeted match profile dismisses it, while hitting ‘Like’ saves it for later. Valuable knowledge for when you’re sent an intriguing match, and want to send them a flirty first message!

If you want to see even more potential connections,you can also browse for yourself, sorting profiles by registration date, distance, or match percentage. It’s a great way to see if there are any new faces online, or if there’s a match for you outside of your home city.

Send Messages and Start Planning Your First Date

Now you know how to use Jdate, it’s time for the next step: putting these tips into action, Get out there, make yourself a winning profile, find that great match, and send them a first message that bowls them over. If that goes well, great! Keep messaging, and, when it feels right, ask them out on a first date.

And if that goes well and they say yes? Mazel tov! You might just be on your way to a Jdate Success Story of your own.


Ready to meet Jewish singles who you truly connect with? Sign up with Jdate today. Your next great date may only be a few clicks away!