Shauna & Robert: ''It was obvious that we just clicked''

Shauna and Robert met on Jdate after he decided to look for love in a neighboring state. They fell in love and have recently got engaged! Jdate is thrilled to have played a part in their love story and wishes them every happiness. Mazel tov!

Tell us all about your story! The more details the better!

She lived in Queens, NY and I live in Northern NJ, so we met up at Dutch Fred’s (a cocktail bar in midtown Manhattan) and had amazing conversation for 6 hours.

Conversation just flowed and it was obvious that we just clicked, so I texted her on my bus ride home.

Jdate Success Couple Shauna and Robert

Describe the moment you knew it was true love!

It’s difficult to pin-point an exact moment, but I think we both knew things were going so well when we did a wine tasting class in my town and later that evening, I asked her to be my girlfriend.

What advice would you give other Jdate members?

Go outside your comfort zone. I used to only go on dates with girls from NJ, but I decided to try dating someone from another state and that was when I met my future fiance.

I would also suggest that texting should not be treated as a game. If you like each other and there’s a connection, the conversation will flow and there will not be any purposeful waiting or game-playing.

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