Lisa & Jordan: ''Over 3 years later and I cannot imagine my life without my best friend''

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Like many overprotective Jewish mothers, my mom told me to try Jdate to find the love of my life, to which I laughed because I was a firm cynic when it came to the online dating world.

The summer of my 21st birthday, something in my mind changed. I had tried Jdate a few years beforehand and, after a few unsuccessful dates, I was reluctant to sign up again. My mom, however, pushed me to sign up for just one month and see what could happen. She offered to pay, and who was I to decline. I came across Jordan’s profile and gave it a second glance. His short intro included the phrase “I speak French, but only when I’m drunk”. I laughed and decided it wouldn’t hurt to give him a poke.

How did your first date go?

Fast forward to August 23, 2015: our first date. Jordan and I met outside of the Gansevoort Hotel in NYC and headed to the bar next door. That night, we talked for hours about the most random things. It was pretty amazing. We went to the Sugar Factory and just walked around the area, talking and getting to know each other. Surprisingly enough, Jordan only had about a week left on his Jdate membership. I am thankful everyday for having poked him.

Over 3 years later and I cannot imagine my life without my best friend.

When did you know it was true love?

Only a few short months after dating, Jordan took me to Montreal to meet his family. As we lay on the mattress that was laid out on the floor of the guest room in his dad’s house, my head against his chest, I heard Jordan’s heart beating louder than a drum.

I knew what he was about to say already, but I also knew I didn’t want to make it to easy for him, so I asked him why his heart was beating so loud and if he was alright. To which point, after a moment of silence, Jordan blurted out, “I, love you Lisa”. That’s when I knew!”

What advice would you give other Jdate members?

You never know what will happen until you give it a try. Many people are reluctant to go on blind dates; I was one of them. But, on the other side of that screen, could be your future!

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