Shlomit & Ryan: ''The idea was to find my love, my soulmate, my better half, and after 15 years searching on Jdate, I did.''

Shlomit and Ryan were married July 29, 2018. Jdate is thrilled to have played a role in their love story, and wishes them every happiness. Mazel tov!


Tell us all about your story! The more details the better!

Shlomit and I met on Jdate only 2 weeks after she had joined. I, on the other hand, was a Jdate member for nearly 15 years. On and off the site, scrolling up and down, clicking on many faces.

We began talking and it quickly turned into exchange of phone numbers and video chats. We spoke for a few weeks when I decided to make the move and take a weekend trip up to Toronto. I am from Cleveland, and my search area radius was practically the globe.

I drove up to Toronto to meet with her. When I came to the Immigration (Boarder Control) they asked for my passport and the reason I was coming to Canada. I had chuckled, in an embarrassing manner, and said “I am coming to meet someone.” The agent asked me how I had met this girl. I had chuckled again, and the agent said “I hear all sorts of reasons, no reason is too weird.”

And I had told her that we met online on, none other than Jdate. They pulled me off to the side and held me at Immigration for about an hour checking my background and what I do for work and on and on! I was beginning to wonder if G-d was trying to tell me not to go to Toronto to meet this girl. Finally, they let me go and I made it into Toronto. We had a fantastic weekend, and hit it off.

The next few weeks we went back and forth on a long distance relationship and things got more serious. She was born in Israel, but lived in Toronto for the past 10 years. We made the long distance work for about 6 months and she then decided to make a long month trip up to Cleveland.

In her mind, she thought she was going to go back home after the month, but little did she know that I got her father’s approval to ask her to marry me…Which I did. I got down on bended knee and proposed to my future wife. She of course said yes and the rest is history! Who would have thought that a girl born in Israel, who moved to Toronto, would end up living in Cleveland, Ohio because her husband is from there.

When did you know it was true love?

I knew it was true love when I dropped her off at the airport about two months into our long distance dating. She left me, and it felt as if I had a hole in my stomach, my other half broke off of me.

My heart hurt so much…I came back to my empty home and it really struck me then. The house was empty without her.

The idea was to find my love, my soulmate, my better half, and I finally, after 15 years searching on Jdate, did.


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